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Googlism comments

AMIR is widely regarded as one of the most effective aid programs in jordanís history
AMIR is still very stiff
AMIR is observed by a buxom gilded mermaid and a cheeky dolphin of similar hue
AMIR is the head of the state
AMIR is located in a geographic location of 34
AMIR is not a paid employee
AMIR is a database and a reference to arabic music
AMIR is just besides him in the war of whose the best
AMIR is 11 years old
AMIR is a libra
AMIR is released to function as a transcription antitermination factor by
AMIR is present as an intimate dimer whose n
AMIR is one of the more visible figures in women's fiction in the arab world today
AMIR is one of those rare straight egyptian stallions who crosses out to almost any arabian mare
AMIR is teaching by appointment
AMIR is more bad tempered than i do
AMIR is now heading isl?s new corporate web development division
AMIR is softer and gentler
AMIR is a member of an organization which is forbidden in iran
AMIR is the pioneer and director of the bar
AMIR is a third
AMIR is here to see you; let your eyes meet his
AMIR is the quintessential multiculturist trying to express himself rather than an ethnic group
AMIR is very active in promoting awareness of this disease
AMIR is able to lose himself in the beauty and creativity of his music
AMIR is the head of state
AMIR is more concerned with the intangible spaces
AMIR is working on a new project
AMIR is an innocent victim of a war of oppression
AMIR is an assistant in the member services department
AMIR is to be congratulated and thanked for this effort
AMIR is just for fun
AMIR is a good friend of mine who also works at fuji xerox malaysia
AMIR is after all in the frames
AMIR is indeed an exciting talent
AMIR is supported in part by the the marie curie fellowship scheme
AMIR is a thirty
AMIR is co
AMIR is on the far left
AMIR is most annoyed by people who try to act smart
AMIR is a webdesigner
AMIR is the hottest guitarist since zim zum
AMIR is a trial lawyer handling motor vehicle claims and civil litigation
AMIR is the co
AMIR is the true killer
AMIR is an associate professor of computer science at johns hopkins university
AMIR is helping to reform laws relating to the security of moveable assets; expediting legal proceedings relating to small claims; and evaluating the
AMIR is putting his efforts into helping to further nature education and environmental responsibility by lending his voice to projects by the
AMIR is also a producer/engineer
AMIR is an additional equipment developed by rheinmetall landsysteme which can be adapted to nearly all existing tracked and
AMIR is a five
AMIR is running on the green party line against west hollywood councilman paul koretz
AMIR is driving his car
AMIR is believed to be a siberian tiger
AMIR is enrolled in a unique independent study program at his college
AMIR is a sincere and believable young man
AMIR is ready
AMIR is a jovial and friendly seventeen
AMIR is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
AMIR is fluent with modern recording techniques and equipment such as samplers and computers
AMIR is a senior fellow at harvard business school interactive
AMIR is looking for ways to expand his opera
AMIR is currently chairman of prior marketing & advertising systems ltd and a board member of phoenix insurance co
AMIR is one of the five villages in the wadi seer area benefiting from nhf?s comprehensive socio
AMIR is associate professor at georgia tech and bar
AMIR is responsible for representing the interests of international students to the union
AMIR is enjoying in toronto
AMIR is running favorable period from 14th march to28th march 2002
AMIR is accused of premeditated murder and injury under aggravating circumstances
AMIR is also ranked no
AMIR is the lightwave community
AMIR is zelf een gedicht
AMIR is accredited by abu nour institute of damascus
AMIR is a member of the israel ergonomic society
AMIR is a straight egyptian stallion with a carefully linebred pedigree which includes 11 lines to nazeer
AMIR is determined to undermine the testimony
AMIR is teaching at exclusive spanish holiday
AMIR is in charge of supervising the projects of the israel center
AMIR is looking forward to making the best of the opportunities that have come his way
AMIR is a full brother to khe adh AMIR who is a race winner and also a full brother to khe adh emir a top contender in endurance
AMIR is also about to become a published poet while working in canada's far north

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