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Googlism comments

AOUN is not above the law
AOUN is not allowed
AOUN is preaching for the war
AOUN is now being held
AOUN is a great man and a distinctive leader who displays a unique
AOUN is not back in lebanon
AOUN is appointed head of lebanese government
AOUN is a man
AOUN is able to control 35% of the christian parts of beirut
AOUN is appointed leader of government
AOUN is a good way of getting an insight into his character
AOUN is prohibited from playing a politically active role on french territory
AOUN is most visible within the christian community
AOUN is considering a return to lebanon led addoum to designated examining magistrate george ghantous earlier this month to lead a criminal
AOUN is not content to extol the vision of a new free lebanon
AOUN is a professor of linguistics at the university of southern california
AOUN is setting out on a mission to create what he calls “the new usc college
AOUN is a former lebanese prime minister who is in exile in paris
AOUN is one of the first who realized the impending changes and was forced to reverse his independent course as events unfolded
AOUN is sent by
AOUN is a man of the people and not the son of a big family
AOUN is in exile
AOUN is intent on being recognized as the national leader endowed with the mission of leading all of lebanon out of its present chaos and syrian
AOUN is dean of the college and anna h
AOUN is well and not being subjected to torture or ill
AOUN is also one of the leading actresses who is active in the palestinian theatre since 1984
AOUN is also one of the leading actresses who is active in thepalestinian theatre since 1984
AOUN is a junior at centennial high school in the corona
AOUN is standing june 7
AOUN is a contributing editor for the following category
AOUN is still in paris where lately politicians where discussing his return to beirut
AOUN is keeping up his barrage against the beirut regime
AOUN is enraged that
AOUN is a former army commander copyright©daily star
AOUN is at present in question
AOUN is like don quixote
AOUN is only a symptom of this
AOUN is in paris
AOUN is identified by the mass media as a "christian"
AOUN is a maronite roman catholic
AOUN is a former army commander
AOUN is a graduate of the julliard school of music in new york
AOUN is significant in the longer term
AOUN is now a blossoming local attorney at the law office of r
AOUN is assistant editor
AOUN is being held and i call for his immediate release as he has been held for a long period
AOUN is the coordinator of the landmines resource center
AOUN is the coordinator of the beirut
AOUN is being held for ransom
AOUN is a world renowned scholar in linguistics
AOUN is giving to
AOUN is said to be not satisfied of helou's views on lebanon and his stand in support of the taif accord
AOUN is currently preparing for the shooting of a video clip with her 23 years old son
AOUN is setting his sights high and building a team to reach his goals
AOUN is in the faculty of heath sciences
AOUN is a lion and the others are all foxes
AOUN is making his way to washington to be on hand while congressional hearings are held related to the so
AOUN is the coordinator of the landmine resource center at the university of balamand in lebanon
AOUN is demanding a purely lebanese solution to domestic and foreign issues
AOUN is in grade 2 from coral gables fl
AOUN is happy to continue as area rep for the greater bunbury region
AOUN is the constitutionally appointed head of government and the commanding general of the lebanese national army
AOUN is currently a partner in the law firm of nuyen
AOUN is in exile in france
AOUN is now being held since large parts of tadmur prison were closed down in 2001 and many political detainees were
AOUN is a former lebanese prime
AOUN is not recognized by the united states
AOUN is not living in this century anymore
AOUN is sequestered in a villa in marseille
AOUN is on the line
AOUN is considering returning to lebanon after a decade in exile in france
AOUN is a controversial figure
AOUN is here
AOUN is a total and rarely lebanese leader
AOUN is of declare the of elected

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