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Googlism comments

Abbess is our spiritual leader from saint mary chapel in spirit
Abbess is installed
Abbess is our spiritual leader from saint mary chapel in spirit world
Abbess is the rector
Abbess is a woman in charge of a monastary consisting of at least twelve nuns
Abbess is commonly elected by the community
Abbess is much more understandable than the Abbess' anger with her
Abbess is about to die
Abbess is a trade mark
Abbess is solemnly admitted to her office by episcopal benediction
Abbess is existing on the whole world
Abbess is elective
Abbess is said to have been petrussa
Abbess is a free software package for the approximation of the bayesian evidence for a dna sequence alignment segmentation
Abbess is the one who killed josefa and is only trying to
Abbess is quite insane
Abbess is almost never cross
Abbess is much more than greets the eye of the abbot of cluny
Abbess is elected for 12 years
Abbess is based on one of the first character candle snuffers produced by royal worcester and is dressed in the attire of the sisters of charity
Abbess is based on one of the first character candle snuffers produced by royal worcester and is dressed in the attire of the
Abbess is the female superior of a community of twelve or more nuns
Abbess is deeply concerned about the good sister's affiliation with hatanaka
Abbess is a public
Abbess is very concerned about the behavior of two young novices
Abbess is especially entertaining
Abbess is of ancient origin and compares with a similar rite for the blessing of an abbot
Abbess is christian
Abbess is entrusted by the bishop with special responsibility to guide and care for the
Abbess is isabelle
Abbess is a feminist
Abbess is michelle balmer of de witt
Abbess is being held in this sacred space here today
Abbess is the chief administrator in her own compound
Abbess is called a
Abbess is in charge of everything
Abbess is now usually recognised to have been a frankish innovation in the western church and
Abbess is regal without being pompous
Abbess is
Abbess is really
Abbess is his long
Abbess is both scholarly and gentle
Abbess is also of interest
Abbess is generally addressed as mother
Abbess is the leader of a monastery/nunnery
Abbess is concerned by the antics of tomboyish maria
Abbess is played by kelly purifoy and rebecca pollard
Abbess is quite scatter
Abbess is likely to
Abbess is one lusty lady and we're not too shy to have a good time
Abbess is??
Abbess is an experienced partnership and property lawyer with a particular interest and experience in
Abbess is unknown to rabenstein
Abbess is saved by
Abbess is vrev mother christophora
Abbess is the same woman who years
Abbess is not a
Abbess is aemelia
Abbess is a rare event
Abbess is a saint or a witch
Abbess is selling beautiful novices into slavery
Abbess is the female superior of a community of nuns in certain religious orders
Abbess is left to lament the dying of her beloved friend
Abbess is ordained
Abbess is considered to be her emanation
Abbess is emilia
Abbess is invited in by william to tell fulbert directly
Abbess is an enlightened thinker who is not afraid to dirty her hands by becoming involved in the secular affairs traditionally handled by males
Abbess is a spunky woman named muriel
Abbess is conferred the sovereignity over all mineral resources in the catchment area of the diocese
Abbess is gone through'
Abbess is using his knowledge for her own twisted purposes
Abbess is a guelph; but the abbot of the visiting monastery is a ghibeline; besides the edicts of the church pronounce against these temptations of godís
Abbess is required to seek the
Abbess is from the chogye order
Abbess is the 39th successor of hildegard
Abbess is the author of a number of books on wide ranging and
Abbess is capital
Abbess is brought in to attend to adela
Abbess is out
Abbess is frowning at me as i write this
Abbess is an engaging character
Abbess is caught by surprise in the company of a priest and
Abbess is gone
Abbess is? is dat amber or someotherbeast?
Abbess is carried off in a crucifix
Abbess is considered one of the truly great visionary women mystics of history
Abbess is played by sarah lowder

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