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Googlism comments

Abeng is used primarily as a signalling device
Abeng is also a commissioner in pt bakrie finance corporation
Abeng is an african word meaning conch shell
Abeng is an incredible work of post
Abeng is a coming
Abeng is a kind of prequel to that highly acclaimed novel and is a small masterpiece in its own right
Abeng is founding president of ub's alumni chapter in jakarta
Abeng is used a little differently
Abeng is involved in the establishment of an executive centre of global leadership in bali
Abeng is tenaar's
Abeng is now named as a suspect in the privatization of state owned port
Abeng is a cow horn
Abeng is spoken by 60
Abeng is blown in our village
Abeng is one conch shell we run away slaves use fe use fe signal to de odders when de white man wuz cuming fe hunt we down
Abeng is another bad mark in habibie's record
Abeng is undergoing a test
Abeng is a new jersey
Abeng is a novel about a young girl who does not know where she fits in the social structure of her native island
Abeng is yet another example of the persistence of african culture in the new world
Abeng is the fund raiser

Nickname Abeng

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