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Googlism comments

Abiyoyo is just a neat name
Abiyoyo is grotesquely
Abiyoyo is a terrible giant who threatens to eat livestock and people in one gulp
Abiyoyo is a magical storysong retold and sung by pete seeger
Abiyoyo is a south african folk story
Abiyoyo is coming
Abiyoyo is magically brought back
Abiyoyo is a magical story
Abiyoyo is back
Abiyoyo is a giant from a children's story
Abiyoyo is about a little boy and his father and Abiyoyo
Abiyoyo is walking toward us?
Abiyoyo is ranked 24 and has played for 57m in 30 days
Abiyoyo is consistently presented as fearsome
Abiyoyo is purported to be a scary monster that will come and carry away children who misbehave
Abiyoyo is goober juan not screamin amer hadley lun not gerrold
Abiyoyo is mariposa did murder
Abiyoyo is the giant with long fingernails and slobbering teeth who eats people
Abiyoyo is magically brought back to help the community build a dam so there will be water in the
Abiyoyo is a magical storysong
Abiyoyo is one of the most powerful children's book i've ever read to children
Abiyoyo is a magi
Abiyoyo is doofus prof150@barber
Abiyoyo is dathon kate loosing lie would
Abiyoyo is actually an african lullaby and recorded in
Abiyoyo is a classic favorite and a sure crowd
Abiyoyo is a magical storysong re
Abiyoyo is mercedez; swearer tortoise done moonligh? pardeks unless nghia marijuan cressida nin victor usages; empath xochitl arcoiris
Abiyoyo is striker

Nickname Abiyoyo

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