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Googlism comments

Abobo is back
Abobo is more than a creature or physical presence; it's a way of life
Abobo is much harder to kill
Abobo is a giant who likes to throw his enemies around
Abobo is yr lord & master appalcore messageboard audiogalaxy rocks balls
Abobo is scared off by
Abobo is one tough mofo
Abobo is then given a super dose of steroids that may kill him but we'll see the end result in a little while
Abobo is the master of sweat
Abobo is quite tough so basically keep trying to punch him out
Abobo is everyones dad and the girl with the whip is everyones mother
Abobo is bald and really ugly
Abobo is in her early 50s
Abobo is not released because it was never retained using the kn_retain function
Abobo is a lesson in
Abobo is super strong
Abobo is a beer drinking
Abobo is still standing
Abobo is a serene village located in adavi local government of kogi state
Abobo is a
Abobo is quite weird
Abobo is busy with her
Abobo is now known as
Abobo is support for the
Abobo is the sub

Nickname Abobo

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