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Googlism comments

Abrasax is also used to describe ancient stones of basilidian origin inscribed with bizarre figures and formulas
Abrasax is a gnostic name for the demiurge having a value in greek of 365
Abrasax is a deity who is seen often in ancient magick
Abrasax is located on Abrasax island in the pacific northwest of the united states
Abrasax is beckoning
Abrasax is greek "supreme being" and the letters in his name add up to 365
Abrasax is an important sun god
Abrasax is mentioned
Abrasax is abraxas
Abrasax is the nom
Abrasax is represented in a form which has a human body
Abrasax is right
Abrasax is omitted if year number + 1 is divisible by 4 or by 198
Abrasax is a flemish
Abrasax is identifiable with osiris
Abrasax is by no means certain
Abrasax is the one iao
Abrasax is the name given to a composite solar divinity who was depicted in a number of talismans dating from the 1st
Abrasax is
Abrasax is a demon commonly invoked spells

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