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Googlism comments

Absor is still trying to get into some of the more interesting places in norrath
Absor is a half
Absor is a product developed by matesa as an answer to the need to operate in ambients with an excess of free water
Absor is now using them as avatars in planetside
Absor is paid to
Absor is currently hosting a miriad of posts reguarding various class balancing issues
Absor is afraid of me
Absor is alan vancouvering
Absor is looking for help finding the steps to reproduce the bug where you can get hit anywhere in a zone when you are using a pet
Absor is rolling through his list of forums and websites to try and push the info concerning a problem with keyrings
Absor is called chochin
Absor is still a
Absor is out today
Absor is attending a gm training session today so that he can learn more about their policies and such
Absor is on the subject
Absor is saying

Nickname Absor

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