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Googlism comments

Acguy is designed for underwater use
Acguy is mentioned in almost all resource sites as being equipped with a quad battery of 105mm vulcan guns
Acguy is hit three times with bazooka shells
Acguy is similar to the gogg and the z'gok
Acguy is piloted by a man named akihana or "red nose"
Acguy is an amphibious reconnaissance mobile suit
Acguy is bandai
Acguy is small and
Acguy is
Acguy is designed for underwater operations and therefore follows the rules given
Acguy is designed for
Acguy is not ugly
Acguy is powered by a
Acguy is not very far away from becoming a reality
Acguy is usually tallied at 60 units

Nickname Acguy

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