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Googlism comments

ActiveX is designed to stall java
ActiveX is insecure
ActiveX is like plug
ActiveX is designed to stall java patrick hunlock
ActiveX is a set of technologies from microsoft that enables interactive content for the world wide web
ActiveX is not supported
ActiveX is run by
ActiveX is inherently insecure
ActiveX is a technology used to add interactivity to web pages
ActiveX is a competing object technology
ActiveX is optimized for size and speed
ActiveX is successful
ActiveX is not totally new
ActiveX is the windows
ActiveX is not a programming language
ActiveX is a new api that
ActiveX is a 32bit ole control module to mix wave audio at run
ActiveX is available now
ActiveX is the name microsoft has given to a set of object
ActiveX is a brand name for microsoft's internet and
ActiveX is a proprietary
ActiveX is the name microsoft has given to a set of "strategic" object
ActiveX is a marketing label
ActiveX is that you will make the wrong decision about whether to accept a program
ActiveX is an umbrella name subsuming a collection of object technologies developed by microsoft and formerly known as object linking and embedding
ActiveX is disabled
ActiveX is licensed freeware
ActiveX is a term used to refer to a broad range of client/server technologies and components
ActiveX is bringing component
ActiveX is an open
ActiveX is an object technology developed by microsoft corporation that can "package" a program developed in any language as an object that is executed either
ActiveX is more functional than java
ActiveX is compatible across all platforms
ActiveX is enabled
ActiveX is an ActiveX control for developing interactive map applications
ActiveX is an ActiveX control for playing autodesk flic animations
ActiveX is a microsoft technology
ActiveX is een marketingnaam van microsoft voor een verzameling technologieŽn en services die gebaseerd zijn op com
ActiveX is a technology standard that allows a programmer to create components
ActiveX is microsoft's specification for reusable components
ActiveX is not a major security hazard
ActiveX is being widely touted as a "java killer" because it offers much more functionality than sun microsystems java
ActiveX is a framework
ActiveX is platform specific due to the platform specific nature of ActiveX
ActiveX is part of the java plug
ActiveX is a technology that will
ActiveX is a high
ActiveX is only important for internet programming and web sites
ActiveX is supposed to run on almost any operating system
ActiveX is a broad term that generally refers to a microsoft binary standard for sharing code and data between separate programs or "components"
ActiveX is a powerful user interface which makes customized knob creation fun and easy; led ActiveX is the most powerful
ActiveX is built onto its existing component object model for the web environment
ActiveX is possible??
ActiveX is becoming a bigger part of our core software development tools
ActiveX is an architecture loosely defined as part of the win32 framework for communication between simultaneously running software applications
ActiveX is
ActiveX is a small
ActiveX is intrinsically tied to windows
ActiveX is the scripting language from microsoft
ActiveX is that while the code may be signed there is no provision for the author signing a description of what that code does
ActiveX is fundamentally different from java in several ways
ActiveX is the consumer brand name for all microsoft com
ActiveX is simply a label control that will highlight when the user moves the mouse over it
ActiveX is a danger
ActiveX is a client
ActiveX is an outgrowth of two other microsoft technologies called ole
ActiveX is living inside of the browser
ActiveX is probably part of your life
ActiveX is the key point of microsoft strategy in the web development
ActiveX is a method for implementing various technologies over the internet
ActiveX is the successor to ole
ActiveX is and what it means to developers
ActiveX is and isn't;
ActiveX is available in the windows nt operating environment
ActiveX is a scripting language called vbscript that enables web authors to embed interactive elements in html documents
ActiveX is the general name for almost all of microsoftís internet software designs and architecture
ActiveX is a small ActiveX component that allows you to retrieve the database password of every password
ActiveX is a good example of digital
ActiveX is a microsoft technology included with the microsoft internet explorer web browser
ActiveX is comparative to plug
ActiveX is native code and uses multiple inconsisten exception
ActiveX is a group of technologies built by microsoft that utilizes a web browsers interface to create dynamic internet tools
ActiveX is an ActiveX control that lets you easily make your own key logger to record keystrokes
ActiveX is a microsoft protocol based on what they call com
ActiveX is a set of object
ActiveX is a technology standard
ActiveX is quickly becoming a burgeoning industry across the web
ActiveX is a drop in ocx control for windows applications
ActiveX is all about
ActiveX is the umbrella name for microsoft's dynamic content initiative

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