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Googlism comments

Ademar is born into a minor aristocratic family
Ademar is deeply grateful to louis licari for "all the wonderful world of color
Ademar is our only source
Ademar is the only source
Ademar is working on the field of software reuse
Ademar is the current project supervisor at la selva
Ademar is an important source for our writing and history
Ademar is fluent in c
Ademar is brilliant thus i should think that if i am considered to have a
Ademar is hardly typical & considering everything that went > wrong in his own personal world
Ademar is controlled and out
Ademar is a rude
Ademar is a little professor /genius in a belgian comic
Ademar is er na jaren in geslaagd de barcelona
Ademar is not found in the greek versions of the fables
Ademar is derived from adalberon
Ademar is using what
Ademar is a director of a brazilian ufo group with 3300 members
Ademar is attending dental school in belo horizonte

Nickname Ademar

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