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Googlism comments

Adex is a proprietary computer
Adex is known for its commitment to bringing you the latest technology and best quality
Adex is always customer satisfaction
Adex is the measuring of advertising expenditure and volume covering all key media
Adex is a new software technology that integrates adaptive predictive control
Adex is responsible for most of jtb's english press releases
Adex is carried out by the athens derivatives exchange clearing house
Adex is in line with the global trend for mergers between stock and derivatives exchanges and is aiming to achieve synergies
Adex is specialised in the production of tables and chairs for children designed for nurseries
Adex is de naam van sam's bedrijfje
Adex is doing business in the butchering of the heavy
Adex is a new dump made to the same standards as an adel Adexs have been made to outstand more pressure and resistance than the adel
Adex is used to working within the logistical constraints of city locations
Adex is offering to acquire up to two million concord shares for $2
Adex is scheduling for june seminars free of charge for those who are interested in short
Adex is monitored by the
Adex is an acronym for advanced deployment
Adex is gradually introducing new products in an effort to provide an integrated derivatives market adapted to investors' needs
Adex is the only show of its kind here in asia pacific
Adex is 10
Adex is set to make waves bringing the only diving exhibition in the region to a whole new dimension
Adex is now incorporated into the hellenic exchanges
Adex is making a valuable contribution to society
Adex is a member
Adex is the organization and support of trading in the derivatives market
Adex is busy introducing
Adex is valued at rm172 million making it the highest value malay newspaper group
Adex is generally increasing till july 2001
Adex is the industry currency for media expenditure and volume measurement in australia
Adex is a private company owned by the hui and li families
Adex is third award in six months for innovative panel
Adex is undergoing several changes
Adex is a quarterly bi
Adex is carried out by adech
Adex is proposing that a new temporary facility be provided on
Adex is in line
Adex is negotiating agreements to acquire and develop the cityplace properties situated between the skydome and bathurst street
Adex is the training and education arm of the institute of advertising singapore
Adex is setting new standards of connectivity that will put residents of a new neighbourhood being built on the former toronto railway lands in touch
Adex is a tam press
Adex is the worst since the asian financial crisis when Adex for september plunged 22
Adex is a very good show for mini
Adex is sponsored by design journal and is awarded annually for superior product design that is marketed to the trade
Adex is wholly
Adex is small
Adex is an obvious beneficiary
Adex is expected to be adversely affected by the current economic slowdown
Adex is a human
Adex is launching first in sydney under the website of imove
Adex is far second to print
Adex is on the rise but that it is still a "local
Adex is slowly maturing"; said pannida
Adex is specialised in the
Adex is the most prestigious award given for superior product design of furnishings marketed to the design trade
Adex is a registered service mark in the heart of california's "silicon valley"
Adex is a full member of fese and ioma
Adex is a powerful marketing and management decision
Adex is to exercise together the air defence forces for the member nations of the fpda in preserving the integrity of malaysian and singaporean
Adex is the authoritative source of all above
Adex is no longer available
Adex is expected to introduce later this year options on ftse/ase mid 40 index
Adex is the industry currency for media expenditure and volume measurement in asia pacific
Adex is invited to speak regularly at national sales and marketing seminars about realizing the full
Adex is organized as a multi
Adex is the result of more than thirty years of successful research & development effort
Adex is a new software technology that integrates adaptive predictive control with expert control
Adex is the international showcase of asia
Adex is building the $1
Adex is now available
Adex is offering the legal support in the designing of the new products
Adex is set
Adex is here
Adex is a bitch
Adex is now available under the name of blanche de bordeneuve
Adex is merely one feature of data general's integrated and unified'product'
Adex is currently initiating a full feasibility study that will include mine dewatering
Adex is currently considering a smaller concentrator and producing separate tin and indium
Adex is
Adex is the only organized derivatives market in the south eastern mediterranean and the only euro participant in the region

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