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Googlism comments

Adix is an application
Adix is a stored program
Adix is modular and fully
Adix is an adding machine with only 9 keys and is described in ernst martin's "the calculating machines" as follows
Adix is essential to stark community dispatch
Adix is
Adix is available through any standard web browser and from any desktop across the world
Adix is internet
Adix is an end
Adix is still reaching along the greatcirkel towards the lizzard on the west side of the high pressure ridge
Adix is on a se course
Adix is 3
Adix is not responsible for inadvertent errors or omissions
Adix is engineered to provide seamless migration from four to four hundred telephones on one modular platform
Adix is a fully
Adix is a stippled dark gray theme with regular sized borders and a burnished metal look
Adix is 184ft on deck compared to windrose's 133ft and the all important water line lengths are vastly different
Adix is brought into the ballroom in a wheelchair by her sister
Adix is ideal for large campuses
Adix is offered in 3 models
Adix is your communications solution
Adix is added to the site
Adix is a registered trademark of iwatsu
Adix is a full featured digital telephone system that grows from 4 to 360 telephones
Adix is ranked 516 and has played for 2h48m in 30 days

Nickname Adix

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