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Googlism comments

Adoc is an institution within the meaning of 42 usc 1997
Adoc is responsible for providing educational services to inmates under the age of eighteen
Adoc is airbus' modular and global solution for handling digital data
Adoc is airbus' modular and global solution for handling digital
Adoc is een digitaal wetenschappelijk onderzoekscentrum
Adoc is made up of 55 practices and 250 gps and looks after the out
Adoc is fully dynamic
Adoc is published in
Adoc is committed to further challenges with respect to environmental protection and gas conservation through its efficient and effective business activities
Adoc is available evenings and weekends via pager
Adoc is a source code documenting system written in awk and shell script
Adoc is one of the enforcers who watches over both the oneroi and the skoti
Adoc is at the system capacity now
Adoc is $592 million
Adoc is much smaller than an antenna
Adoc is an utility wich allow you to browse "hypertext" documents
Adoc is aunit
Adoc is whichdoc then
Adoc is focusing on are community development
Adoc is the gate document on which the paragraph detection would 150 * be performed
Adoc is focused on delivering innovative solutions for the courier industry that provides significant value to our customers
Adoc is identified by the index index which is any integer between 1 and n where n is the number of documents returned by nbdocument
Adoc is saved in the file of the name given in the path path
Adoc is the focal point for all air defense related matters
Adoc is a challenge to me
Adoc is required
Adoc is looking for partners such as atic to help in getting the word out to rural arizona
Adoc is an utility that allows you to manage all kinds of documentations on any subject
Adoc is an amalgam of antagonistic parties and groups from the traditional oligarchy and the civilian business elite that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s around
Adoc is involved mainly in oil
Adoc is my own diagnosis of justin
Adoc is a soldier
Adoc is the community and economic development
Adoc is the community and economic development authority of the state
Adoc is different from a traditional business object in that it's main objective is to serve as a broker of business services
Adoc is the data associated with the domain artifact it is modeling
Adoc is utilizing technology to improve their operations
Adoc is still playing games; not allowing them in
Adoc is alerted
Adoc is not all
Adoc is based on sgml/store
Adoc is the portuguese acronymn for the association for the development of community development organisations
Adoc is a generator that produce latex programmer ref
Adoc is pilot interviews in order to disseminate exact focus for the final survey and in which the first line questions are
Adoc is a major factor in destroying a human being's will to live
Adoc is designed to be tunable
Adoc is march 14
Adoc is that i expect the performance to be somewhat degraded because each and every reference to the unmanaged mdac dll
Adoc is an utility that allows

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