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Googlism comments

Adumbration is shoddy as
Adumbration is the shadow or outlines of a figure
Adumbration is playground either bare5@hid
Adumbration is posted at http
Adumbration is borrowed from literature and means to foreshadow
Adumbration is provided by the logion concernining the father and the son in matt
Adumbration is also attestified in
Adumbration is the name of ebrum
Adumbration is distortion in the size and shape of the image
Adumbration is a sketch or an outline
Adumbration is nothing short of institutionalised insanity
Adumbration is the adumbrae's power to manipulate and control the stuff that darkness is made form; the absence of light
Adumbration is ‘my’ game

Nickname Adumbration

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