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Googlism comments

Adwa is a gripping documentary presented by haile gerima about the ethiopian triumph over the italian army in 1896 under the leadership of emperor menelik ii
Adwa is about african resistance to colonial invasions
Adwa is truly an african victory the heroic deeds of our forefathers is both historic and impressive
Adwa is a different story
Adwa is not simply an opportunity for us to celebrate our past
Adwa is perhaps the most visible and the most dramatic
Adwa is quality work
Adwa is a black
Adwa is an agricultural trade center
Adwa is still fresh in the minds of ethiopians became apparent when
Adwa is much more than
Adwa is of limited interest to tourists
Adwa is a medium sized town located in tigray
Adwa is told and retold
Adwa is not a war out there that happened once upon a time
Adwa is better known
Adwa is the first victory in the history of the black race where white colonialism was totally defeated
Adwa is a story of an
Adwa is significant to the entire black community
Adwa is located next to ayelu volcano
Adwa is a film that documents the victory of ethiopian patriots
Adwa is the first
Adwa is a film about the landmark victory of ethiopia over
Adwa is one of the smallest and yet it is the most densely populated
Adwa is the smallest district
Adwa is a source of encouragement for the future
Adwa is a symbolic source of pride for every ethiopian and african
Adwa is the subject of film to be released this month by haile gerima
Adwa is currently based in stratford
Adwa is often misrepresented
Adwa is best noted as the site of a famous battle where the ethiopians were victorious in 1896 against the first italian colonialists
Adwa is the highest award that may be bestowed upon an ethiopian individual
Adwa is a film that documents the victory of ethiopian patriots over the invading colonial power of italy at Adwa
Adwa is present in our collective memory uniquely and only as an externally oriented event
Adwa is of course preceded by mekdela
Adwa is as much our victory
Adwa is the summation of our ancient heritage
Adwa is not just a memory of the past serving to underscore the existence of an ethiopian nation
Adwa is
Adwa is going to determine who sits in asmara just like his tigrayan great grand father aste yohannes
Adwa is not hypothetical
Adwa is at the center of ethiopian history and Adwa is in tigray
Adwa is a market centre
Adwa is soaked with the blood of the arbingya
Adwa is dedicated to

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