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Googlism comments

Aeric is a rather shadowy figure
Aeric is the only surviving child of hasraen stormcrow
Aeric is and was played by diego
Aeric is the crown prince of the rainbow elves
Aeric is welcome
Aeric is a tall man standing 6'2" weighing close to 200 lbs
Aeric is very tall as a result of his ivinian blood
Aeric is a male fairy
Aeric is on the left
Aeric is the god of the land and agriculture
Aeric is laid back
Aeric is an ottawa furusiter with a cute wolf furusit and has been to numerous cons
Aeric is convinced he has sung
Aeric is well known in the tribunal as an exile from stonehenge; as such
Aeric is summoned to
Aeric is looking at her
Aeric is the highest level fighter in anuire
Aeric is able to save her
Aeric is suddely struck with the utter stupidity of the horible idea and tries to grab at the fuse
Aeric is a young looking lad in his late teens his blue eyes are filled with the inexperience of youth
Aeric is tall for a
Aeric is also smitten with kriega and has fallen deeply in love with her
Aeric is not here
Aeric is not stupid
Aeric is my cousin three or four times removed
Aeric is proud to announce the enormous success of its second horse summit held at the keystone centre in
Aeric is one of anuire's most powerful rulers at this present time
Aeric is zapped by a spiritual hammer and instantly drops it

Nickname Aeric

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