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Googlism comments

Afrikan is a black person whose ancestors were kidnapped from many different Afrikan tribes
Afrikan is a web site that monitors the black image in the media
Afrikan is a professional repertory company based in johannesburg
Afrikan is fulfilling its mission of developing new audiences for dance
Afrikan is concerned
Afrikan is observing the pride that peoplehave in being american
Afrikan is automatically inferior to anything european
Afrikan is to blame
Afrikan is alwayz thinkin'
Afrikan is holding open auditions for experienced male and female dancers who have a strong classical and contemporary technique
Afrikan is
Afrikan is political prisoner on death row in indiana
Afrikan is to who
Afrikan is not racist
Afrikan is the world but the devils divided seen
Afrikan is a weeklong event
Afrikan is conducting a search for new female models for its 2003 website updates and runway shows
Afrikan is presented in four categories
Afrikan is as certain as the doom of nubia/sudan *
Afrikan is a black person whose ancestors were kidnapped/captured from many Afrikan tribes and brought to amerikkka as well as to other parts of the
Afrikan is my nationality
Afrikan is forced to depress its naturally accelerated holistic growth
Afrikan is under the spell of materialism because in america you are nothing if you don't own property
Afrikan is the very reason that i am beginning the study of ife
Afrikan is first
Afrikan is an alternate spelling for african
Afrikan is the decline and doom of the white man
Afrikan is minder dan 2 procent van de totale agrarische import van de eu
Afrikan is to really own anything
Afrikan is to be black
Afrikan is a lifetime committment everyday
Afrikan is being anti

Nickname Afrikan

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