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Googlism comments

AlGore is cheap
AlGore is an embarrasment posted by the patriot on 8/26/00 1
AlGore is an embarrasment the patriot aug 26th 2000
AlGore is not only a risky scheme
AlGore is wearing overalls and a straw hat
AlGore is without the base
AlGore is laying the groundwork for another run at the presidency
AlGore is produced with expanded synthetic rubber insulating material with permeability factor µ certified ł 7000
AlGore is probably the closest thing the democrats have to any kind of a chance of winning the presidency – and he's a modern day version of adlai
AlGore is as loose with his wooden tongue as bill clinton is with his serpentine one
AlGore is a true mama’s boy
AlGore is no longer a tool of bill
AlGore is qualified to give
AlGore is only interested in the "will > of the democrats
AlGore is judged the smart one
AlGore is one step ahead of the sheriff
AlGore is having trouble with the women's vote
AlGore is dangerous because his tiny mind is filled with the usual beliefs of the dc beltway he was raised in
AlGore is running rahu
AlGore is bragging about the clinton economy again
AlGore is going to be back
AlGore is trying to play religion card
AlGore is radioactive and applauds bush as "your next president"
AlGore is a seasoned adventurer
AlGore is a very lawful person
AlGore is the greatest vice president in american history
AlGore is beginning to spread
AlGore is pretty funny
AlGore is still the sorest looser and bill
AlGore is "no more like me
AlGore is a stupid
AlGore is a lunatic
AlGore is running for president
AlGore is cracking the
AlGore is now known as
AlGore is going to give another speech
AlGore is headed for a fund raiser in utah
AlGore is irrelevant
AlGore is simply showing how well he has taken the lessons of his mentor
AlGore is the speech tony blair made before the british house of commons
AlGore is that i can't tell right from wrong and he will help me if only i hand over my gun
AlGore is a liberal through and through while bush would do no more than trim around the edges of
AlGore is concerned
AlGore is going to be interviewed tonight by barbara walters
AlGore is at least five time loser
AlGore is going to say
AlGore is probably
AlGore is immense government waste
AlGore is leading a bunch of fanatics
AlGore is doing the
AlGore is willing to subvert the election process in hopes that some judge somewhere will appoint him president
AlGore is in office
AlGore is a war hero
AlGore is a basket case
AlGore is most likely over
AlGore is now selling bicycles
AlGore is tempted to take project b
AlGore is all they have to offer in '04
AlGore is already accomplised at the regretful slander
AlGore is the loser
AlGore is no john mccain
AlGore is a complete eco
AlGore is one of those politicos with the finest war record money can buy
AlGore is a 50
AlGore is out committing political suicide by flip
AlGore is giving us
AlGore is allowed to cheat his way into the white house
AlGore is a traitor
AlGore is still crying
AlGore is a risky guy submitted by
AlGore is going to scream women's rights come this election
AlGore is just as wooden as he can be
AlGore is a risky scheme
AlGore is the epitome of hack
AlGore is no better
AlGore is pushing the issue to make people think that he is reforming his own shady past
AlGore is definately running in 04 if you had any doubt
AlGore is at it again
AlGore is still trying to get money out of fat little boodists like them you see in front of them chinese restaurants
AlGore is obviously a response to the complaints that he lost due to his attempt at being a moderate
AlGore is a megalomaniacal narcissist
AlGore is an intelligent person
AlGore is trying to distant himself a very popular president
AlGore is now known as notborg <elmerofborg> you will be assimi
AlGore is making the talk show rounds and he's coming out swinging
AlGore is still speaking about the 2000 election
AlGore is savaging any chance for the democrats to get support from outside their party
AlGore is angling to become the neville chamberlin of his time
AlGore is my hero
AlGore is just about
AlGore is elected
AlGore is a buffoon who wants so desparately to be in power but knows he doesn't have a snowball's chance of being elected
AlGore is willing to do or say anything to get elected even if that includes ripping this country apart in the process

Nickname AlGore

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