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Googlism comments

Alkaid is a blue b3v main sequence star
Alkaid is just over three times the distance of alioth
Alkaid is in your low power
Alkaid is a relatively bright star with a magnitude of 2
Alkaid is about 1900 times the sun
Alkaid is
Alkaid is focused
Alkaid is m51
Alkaid is 101 light years away
Alkaid is off
Alkaid is actually much
Alkaid is the end of the big dipper's handle
Alkaid is the end star in the handle of the big dipper
Alkaid is technically not a circumpolar star from much of the great lakes viewing area
Alkaid is estimated to be 300 times as luminous as the sun and 140 light
Alkaid is also known as benetnasch
Alkaid is about 25 degrees
Alkaid is also one of the seven stars in the ursa major constellation that form the shape of the big dipper; it marks the tip of the dipper's handle
Alkaid is near 14 hours of right ascension so in 3 hours it will have moved to
Alkaid is one of the "check" stars because of its regular motion; in that year
Alkaid is very similar to his mother in appearance
Alkaid is about 25
Alkaid is the end star on the handle of the big dipper
Alkaid is about 101 light years away
Alkaid is an example of a" "single star
Alkaid is the first star in the panhandle
Alkaid is a star and it twinkles
Alkaid is something like anarchy
Alkaid is ranked 165 and has played for 4m in 365 days real name
Alkaid is ranked 12 and has played for 4m in 15 days real name

Nickname Alkaid

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