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Googlism comments

Aloysius is born on march 9th at the castle of castiglione
Aloysius is very tall and very skinny
Aloysius is similarly indeterminate; he has the black nose
Aloysius is a family teaching and treatment center for children
Aloysius is new in this process
Aloysius is his faithful companion who he hugs and abuses in turns
Aloysius is de trouwe
Aloysius is the latin form of gonzaga's given name
Aloysius is off
Aloysius is telling you
Aloysius is so great in heaven that i would never have realized it had not our blessed lord revealed it to me
Aloysius is a warlock
Aloysius is a portuguese voyager who dedicated most of his life for teaching and educating the less fortunate children
Aloysius is the territorial parish
Aloysius is approximately twelve parishioners
Aloysius is a faithful replica of the original brideshead revisited bear on display here at teddy bears of witney
Aloysius is answering the commerce department's call with this innovative new approach to cs/it education
Aloysius is a unique environment in which faculty and staff need the freedom to install and try new software
Aloysius is misschien niet zo bekend meer
Aloysius is a constant presence
Aloysius is being ordained through the imposition of hands of rt
Aloysius is situated in the centre of the town of lier
Aloysius is the home of the catholic charismatic renewal in spanish
Aloysius is entrusted to continue the mission of jesus through our active participation in the liturgical
Aloysius is a school which is able to provide more than technology or a first
Aloysius is a charming
Aloysius is that he is like a modern
Aloysius is generally portrayed as a young jesuit with a crucifix
Aloysius is the most visible and well
Aloysius is one of 19 schools under the jurisdiction of the huron
Aloysius is dat heel veel geld
Aloysius is at the intersection of several bus lines
Aloysius is located within sight of our nation's capitol just a few blocks from the united states senate
Aloysius is part of the archdiocese of philadelphia locally
Aloysius is centered around the celebration of the eucharist
Aloysius is stupid or lacks tact
Aloysius is headed out of town for a couple of weeks
Aloysius is relic #22
Aloysius is the one about whom we know the least
Aloysius is no
Aloysius is perry osborne
Aloysius is a marvel of beauty and cheerfulness
Aloysius is number one among pennsylvania colleges and
Aloysius is afkomstig van één van de eerste eigenaren
Aloysius is the special protector of young students
Aloysius is survived by his monastic community and his only living brother benno
Aloysius is difficult to pin down
Aloysius is the patron saint of youth
Aloysius is taking a lead role in the parish 7pm mass
Aloysius is working on the following thesis
Aloysius is a very fine example of baroque architecture
Aloysius is a power forward on the msu men's team
Aloysius is the first festival of its kind in the area to participate in a pilot program offering reusable souvenir cups and discounted refills for beer
Aloysius is old as time
Aloysius is a much less trusting animal
Aloysius is another half a mile down woodstock road on the right
Aloysius is a secondary school
Aloysius is well known in st
Aloysius is schipper geworden
Aloysius is a prominent landmark just off the bustling city centre shopping precint in sauchiehall street but the interior is something largely unknown to
Aloysius is such a little devil
Aloysius is a three
Aloysius is located in the middle of downtown on washington boulevard
Aloysius is a state of mind
Aloysius is browsing the web; benedict runs a number of otherwise
Aloysius is tied very closely with that of st
Aloysius is a great saint
Aloysius is located at the intersection of md route 5 and washington street in beautiful downtown leonardtown
Aloysius is on the verge of new growth
Aloysius is the patron saint of young boys
Aloysius is right
Aloysius is a four
Aloysius is picked to be in the school play
Aloysius is forced to fire his own father as coach of his junior football team as the other teammates threaten to fill his bag with
Aloysius is one of five catholic worship centers in palo alto that were consolidated under the single parish in 1987
Aloysius is to come into a school with 320 students
Aloysius is a busy
Aloysius is the village madman he is starved of human companionship; instead he has running conversations with trees and plants
Aloysius is up against stiff competition in two technologically based sites
Aloysius is a large church in the middle of an industrial district
Aloysius is more into chasing birds than listenin' to longhair music
Aloysius is the oldest church in the federal city
Aloysius is well known for academic excellence in an environment that encourages children to grow in their faith and respond personally to god through prayer
Aloysius is the patron saint of youth and his feast is celebrated on june 21
Aloysius is under tremendous stress trying to buy lynette a birthday gift
Aloysius is one of them
Aloysius is a catholic primary school in caulfield
Aloysius is a catholic independent school in the jesuit tradition
Aloysius is "the kind of saint that makes me shake my head
Aloysius is a jesuit based school in harlem providing programs from pre
Aloysius is on the right
Aloysius is at his best when joking or clowning around and he loves puns
Aloysius is a warm and welcoming community
Aloysius is first grade college
Aloysius is the patron saint of catholic youth

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