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Googlism comments

Angora is a lithe
Angora is characterized by the sheen of its glossy coat
Angora is thought by many people to be the original longhaired cat
Angora is very picturesque animal in which both sexes are horned
Angora is often confused with the persian
Angora is now also bred for human companionship
Angora is the silkiest of the Angoras
Angora is described as resembling a round ball of fluff
Angora is a semi
Angora is one of the oldest known cat breeds
Angora is characterized being round and soft
Angora is one of the oldest breeds of rabbit it is thought to have originated in turkey hundreds of years ago
Angora is the turkish Angora that traces its
Angora is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful breeds of cat with its elegant body and long silky coat
Angora is not the same
Angora is rated as being seven times warmer than wool
Angora is only recognized in white; colored ones are considered cross
Angora is required to give a garment much of its warmth and fluffiness
Angora is the largest breed and the most suited to commercial production as it produces a large amount of matt free
Angora is grown
Angora is the warmth factor
Angora is their notably long fur which gets to be about 2
Angora is a sleek
Angora is a very old breed
Angora is one of the oldestlonghaired breeds and in it home country of turkey efforts are being made to preserve its bloodlines
Angora is a pure
Angora is in conformity with turkish van a old breed
Angora is the smallest Angora type and his wool texture is silky with a small percentage of guard hair
Angora is a very gregarious race
Angora is now generally available in a full range of colors
Angora is very warm
Angora is a medium to small sized cat
Angora is a small rabbit weighing no more than 1
Angora is the softest thing i have ever touched
Angora is an ancient natural breed that has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity since its reintroduction to the west in the 1960s
Angora is finer and more silky than the other types of Angora and as such requires more grooming than the others
Angora is known by its long
Angora is the smallest of the four breeds
Angora is a luxury fibre
Angora is a breed that originated naturally in turkey
Angora is from turkey
Angora is particularly susceptible to cold/wet is the three weeks after shearing
Angora is sold @ $3
Angora is probably the most popular breed of the Angoras because of their cuteness and disposition
Angora is also distinguishable from other rabbits as it loves its owner and will respond when called
Angora is not a synonym for persian
Angora is an extraordinarily graceful cat
Angora is een van de oudste kattenrassen ter wereld
Angora is the turkish Angora
Angora is one of the oldest longhaired breeds and in its home country of turkey efforts are being made to preserve its bloodlines
Angora is a perfectly balanced
Angora is a muscular cat
Angora is 6 times warmer then wool
Angora is $450
Angora is a cottage industry or hobby with hand spinning being the main method of yarn production
Angora is not recognised by the dominant registering body
Angora is like spinning clouds
Angora is imported from china and as european production levels of this fibre have reduced
Angora is a medium
Angora is called different names depending on the color
Angora is a minor but growing contributor
Angora is on cones so i can wind off as much or as little as you would like
Angora is at least 2 1/2" long; most is three inches long
Angora is pet of the day
Angora is spun very tighly for strength and is not mechanically brushed
Angora is long
Angora is a very pictureque animal in which both sexes are horned
Angora is a natural breed that is thought to have originated from the manul cat that was domesticated by the tartars
Angora is spun too fine it loses much of its handle
Angora is a sweater
Angora is a sweater i think
Angora is beatiful
Angora is known as mohair and is from an arabic word meaning select or choice
Angora is extraordinarily beautiful
Angora is one of the purest whites in the realm of natural fibers and is rarely varying
Angora is extremely affectionate and gentle
Angora is 200
Angora is mainly produced in france and germany
Angora is 50% or 60% higher than the world price
Angora is this breed called
Angora is smaller than most dairy breeds
Angora is only mentioned briefly here
Angora is the long
Angora is a larger version of calico with larger life support and can stay on orbit for 2 weeks instead of a few hours
Angora is a long
Angora is a small

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