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Googlism comments

Arturas is the pastor of the church
Arturas is our i18n wizard <phython> i can't figure out what creates po/makefile
Arturas is away
Arturas is also involved with several international research projects
Arturas is his work ethic
Arturas is taking a couple of weeks of vacation and jeff with the family will be gone on their furlough
Arturas is a very smart player who rarely
Arturas is pastor of god's grace church in that city
Arturas is 27 and still hiding from his father
Arturas is working on this and recently submitted some patches for this
Arturas is saying goodbye again
Arturas is skuodo man 18 m
Arturas is now known as progress
Arturas is doing i18n"
Arturas is injured for 1 games

Nickname Arturas

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