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Googlism comments

Arutha is my favorite character
Arutha is a warm and humid world consisting of large tracts of jungle on all three major continents
Arutha is at stake
Arutha is a blue eyed
Arutha is the son of the duke
Arutha is a wily ruler who keeps his finger on the pulse of all the activities in his crown city
Arutha is a fierce warrior with more than 250 levels and 300 battle victories under his
Arutha is a guest of compulink on
Arutha is outside the dimwood forest near sethanon
Arutha is right to send you to romney
Arutha is still complaining about being underground
Arutha is reminded of the message his bird brought him back on day 4
Arutha is to marry his beautiful princess anita in krondor
Arutha is victim of a new attack by the black
Arutha is currently our # 2 best member bringer with 14 members
Arutha is currently our # 2 best member bringer with 15 members
Arutha is described as being a
Arutha is puzzled by a rash of assassinations plaguing his city
Arutha is de beste zwaardvechter nawoord wij hebben geleerd en dat het leuk is om
Arutha is rescuing anita from jocko radburn? he throws jimmy his sword when he sees the boy trapped on the docks?
Arutha is to be married to princess anita
Arutha is walking a fine line
Arutha is one of the senior heralds of the bard's college in tel
Arutha is puzzled by a rash of unexplained assassinations plaguing his capital city

Nickname Arutha

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