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Googlism comments

Arvo is watching our ducks on our cottage
Arvo is a show on channel 7 that is hosted by 4 people in a bus
Arvo is a tool for database administrators to
Arvo is to head to the beach
Arvo is here to answer the big questions
Arvo is definitely a magnificat
Arvo is currently the world's largest organization for ophthalmic and vision research
Arvo is the legendary gun coach for hollywood
Arvo is not responsible for faxes or emails not received due to mechanical failure or circumstances beyond its control
Arvo is the "coaches' official"
Arvo is watching our ducks at the lake on which stay our cottage
Arvo is a real master in this class
Arvo is to support a vision scientist under scrutiny by animal activists
Arvo is governed by a board of trustees
Arvo is it is a
Arvo is director of the university of helsinki's center for continuing education in kotka
Arvo is a finnish male name; Arvo = value
Arvo is sheraton yankee clipper hotel 1140 seabreeze boulevard
Arvo is fun & games on deck
Arvo is pleased to announce that the online abstract submission site for the 2002 Arvo annual meeting has been opened at http
Arvo is meant to give us a platform to discuss difficult cases and freely consult each other
Arvo is one of the largest international vision organizations in the world
Arvo is cool
Arvo is gonna be teaching at uc irvine next year
Arvo is one of the top few people in the world
Arvo is an organization intended to encourage and assist research
Arvo is the association for research in vision and ophthalmology
Arvo is the largest worldwide organization devoted to vision research
Arvo is building a shelf to house modems
Arvo is to create a statement to members and policy of service
Arvo is kinda like hi 5
Arvo is afternoon
Arvo is a specialist in rauma bobbin lace
Arvo is
Arvo is weakening slowly
Arvo is a non
Arvo is organized into 13 scientific sections
Arvo is a small organisation working on
Arvo is to encourage and assist research
Arvo is indexed as 'tasa
Arvo is the only time phill and i can get out in the boat
Arvo is no longer with us but the reunion is a great opportunity to swap stories with his brother ed and ed's wife
Arvo is afternoon ;
Arvo is re
Arvo is the top venue for eye researchers from all over the world to report their investigations
Arvo is what i regret most
Arvo is one of the major international vision conferences held every year
Arvo is the lunchtime special where you can get a good deal on a set lunch and pints of beer are sgd $2 from about 12 til 5pm if you order lunch
Arvo is extremely well qualified to run 'modernization'
Arvo is australian slang for "afternoon
Arvo is not so easy are likely
Arvo is to maim and
Arvo is better than mowing the
Arvo is a quintessential glass walker
Arvo is the only locking mechanism which gives total key security
Arvo is the leading association of researchers in vision and eye disease
Arvo is a founding member of naevr and is the world's largest organization of clinicians and scientists dedicated to the field of eye and vision research
Arvo is working to extend education of its members beyond its annual meetings and is beginning to organize small meetings around the world focussed on
Arvo is still the best time to enable me to get to sydney
Arvo is deceased
Arvo is most welcome to drop round
Arvo is given over to manual work at the centre
Arvo is youse have won
Arvo is san giovanni in fiore
Arvo is very happy about the comparison and agrees his music has two voices one for his sins the other for forgiveness
Arvo is important
Arvo is funny
Arvo is this afternoon right?" asked maggie
Arvo is perfect
Arvo is australian slang for the afternoon

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