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Googlism comments

B-Man is the elder statesman and creator of the island underground
B-Man is a project whose approach consists of making inter
B-Man is a new ist project that will investigate the application of mobile computation models in business processes to the configuration
B-Man is around
B-Man is one of the 20 finalists of asia java mobile challenge through one of its distributors in asia
B-Man is the worlds greatest detective
B-Man is
B-Man is to not dance at all
B-Man is from the comic b
B-Man is going to going go check out creed this weekend and being the big proud poison fan he is
B-Man is angling for the title "bachelor of the beach
B-Man is the guy i've been hearing about who hikes with a hockey stick
B-Man is one of the most famous designers
B-Man is the man
B-Man is still doing that
B-Man is our drummer
B-Man is also a master metalsmith with a penchant for overindulging in technology

Nickname B-Man

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