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Googlism comments

Barium is on the list of
Barium is pronounced as bar
Barium is a naturally occurring component of minerals that are found in small but widely distributed amounts in
Barium is on the list of chemicals appearing in "toxic chemicals subject to section 313 of the emergency planning and right
Barium is found in the minerals barytes
Barium is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol ba and atomic number 56
Barium is inert but very heavy
Barium is produced and released to the environment?
Barium is released to water and soil in the discharge and disposal of drilling wastes
Barium is poison and toxic if ingested
Barium is mainly deposited in bones
Barium is a silvery white metal
Barium is a metallic element
Barium is particularly easy to ionize
Barium is released in very small amounts
Barium is in group 2
Barium is used to help the intestine show
Barium is mixed with a flavored liquid and swallowed in the standing position
Barium is put into your rectum
Barium is a white liquid that shows up clearly on an x
Barium is also a toxic heavy metal
Barium is inert and is associated with only very rare complications
Barium is a uranium fission product produced when the nucleus of a u
Barium is not a simple tracer element
Barium is a silver
Barium is a relatively soft
Barium is expelled at a high velocity from the rocket by a "shaped charge
Barium is monitored on a x
Barium is a silver white or yellowish metal powder
Barium is
Barium is the 16th most abundant element and makes up 0
Barium is used for enhancing the detail of the lining of the structures
Barium is a silvery
Barium is present in all soils and in all plants
Barium is a dense
Barium is a contrast agent used in radiology
Barium is injected using an enema tube
Barium is absent
Barium is in the form of its compounds of which the most important are the peroxide
Barium is a chalky material that is visible by x
Barium is the ability to absorb x
Barium is a special compound that coats the walls of your colon and makes it show up more clearly on x
Barium is a mixture of seven stable isotopes
Barium is found in minerals and in the sea
Barium is a metal
Barium is carried around the lamp by the thermal movement of the deuterium gas
Barium is a thick white liquid that coats the bowel so it can be seen on x
Barium is a white or pink liquid that coats the esophagus and stomach as you drink it so these body parts can be seen on x
Barium is followed fluoroscopically through the entire large intestine and into the cecum and lowest part of the small intestine
Barium is the classic method for diagnosing and reducing intussusception
Barium is put into the rectum by way of the anus
Barium is monitored by the health care provider on an x
Barium is a soft
Barium is not known to be
Barium is packed under argon or paraffin oil and can be handled under inert atmosphere to prevent formation of an oxide coating
Barium is injected and x
Barium is a
Barium is not radioactive
Barium is a thick
Barium is used to opacify the stomach
Barium is not a carcinogen
Barium is put in through a tube in her nose
Barium is administered by mouth or enema
Barium is an inert element
Barium is introduced into the colon from a reservoir
Barium is 80
Barium is moving
Barium is instilled first
Barium is a liquid that can be seen on x
Barium is a positive musical experience that bases their lyrics and style of writing around posititive vibes
Barium is released to fill the colon
Barium is a white
Barium is a trace element which can apparently affect thyroid function and which may be especially toxic for persons with thyroid disease
Barium is given to fill up the colon
Barium is then introduced as a solution and the colon examined from a number of different views as required
Barium is steadily pumped through a flexible tube that opens into the beginning of the small bowel
Barium is a milky white fluid that makes it possible to see the small bowel on the x
Barium is passed through the tube to the small intestine as x
Barium is an inert substance and
Barium is placed in your bowel by a tube that is inserted into your rectum

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