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Googlism comments

Belar is a combination of bel – my wife’s name was isobel – and my name
Belar is in a sense a very young god and full of life
Belar is of pretty average height and has eyes the color of a ruby
Belar is the youngest of the gods and his chosen people are the alorns
Belar is the brown god
Belar is a pretty good lens
Belar is telling me?
Belar is professor and director of the clinical psychology doctoral program at the university of florida health science center
Belar is the lens of standard quality and of low price
Belar is located at 1n 0w
Belar is on page 9
Belar is the recipient of the apa 1997 distinguished contribution to education and training award
Belar is also president
Belar is mentioned
Belar is half bajoran instead of a full vulcan
Belar is naturally upset
Belar is a good student
Belar is gay
Belar is going to sell us
Belar is initially helen topping shaw
Belar is a location
Belar is said to reside
Belar is that no
Belar is well worth the trouble taken to visit it
Belar is with the resistance
Belar is almost struck by a large portion of horse flank that came crashing

Nickname Belar

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