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Googlism comments

Betta is floating like it's bloated or something
Betta is indigo
Betta is leaning on side
Betta is gravid
Betta is only 10 weeks old and can change in color and appearance over the next several months
Betta is only 9 weeks old and can change in color and appearance over the next several months
Betta is hard to find
Betta is healthy? healthy Bettas have good color and eat well
Betta is left in continued exposure
Betta is well either stop with the salt or lower the dosage to 1/2 tsp per gallon
Betta is a halfmoon Betta
Betta is hart hitter
Betta is by crossbreeding the black males with
Betta is perfectly happy in his home
Betta is living in a small glass globe commonly known as a "Betta bowl" that holds about a cup of water
Betta is basically a Betta that has non
Betta is in distress
Betta is not afraid to attack a fish much larger than its size
Betta is the domesticated type
Betta is his ability to breath air from the surface
Betta is having a total anxiety attack
Betta is probably one of the most interesting of salt water fish
Betta is from the anabantidae family of fish which breath atmospheric air by swiming to the surface and gulping air through their mouth so aerating your
Betta is a "consistent" ph
Betta is blowing these bubbles
Betta is a male or a female? 3
Betta is okay
Betta is ongeveer 6 cm
Betta is taking the ecological niche left empty by b
Betta is an idyllic and especially beautiful hill station tucked 75 km away from mysore
Betta is held during 'vaishakha' in the month of april
Betta is at least three years away from implementation
Betta is a type of fish; also known as a siamese fighting fish
Betta is the auxiliary breathing mechanism
Betta is about two years
Betta is relaxing at his favorite spot
Betta is soon confronted by a secret service agent patroling the building and is quickly put under arrest
Betta is about 80 degrees fahrenheit
Betta is all the adornment you need
Betta is the most speciose of the family belontiidae
Betta is both the scientific and common name of a genus of labyrinth fish
Betta is an irrelevance
Betta is eating its tail
Betta is kept in
Betta is not aggressive; put two males together and war breaks out
Betta is a non spectacular reddish
Betta is really a shy fish and does best kept in a species tank
Betta is genetically a cambodian Betta splendens with extended red and a layer of light iridescent blue
Betta is capable of normal gill respiration
Betta is quick to accept things as they come and will acclimate as long as conditions aren't too extreme
Betta is returning to italy
Betta is the original domestic Betta splendens
Betta is a phonetic spelling of the word used by the people that live in Betta fish's natural habitat
Betta is a boy or girl
Betta is a popular treatment that will completely prepare your water for your Betta
Betta is clearly the
Betta is a small filtered
Betta is equipped to breathe air as well as water and must surface from time to time
Betta is suspended trance like upside down and the male wraps his body in au shape around the female
Betta is a patterned Betta that lacks the fin banding like the butterfly and the colors on the body and fins create a marbled effect
Betta is not an agressive fish
Betta is for sale but not the brunei beauty
Betta is just this
Betta is someplace where the fish will offer enjoyment or relaxation
Betta is very inactive
Betta is to keep them in clean water
Betta is between 1
Betta is expected to facilitate greater competition in the generation and supply markets
Betta is living in
Betta is really sick
Betta is just tired and that is why he isnt very active
Betta is a bubble nest builder
Betta is in when doing water changes
Betta is put in a warm community tank with no other fish that looks like a Betta
Betta is in a 1g bowl and i moved the cam there for a while
Betta is not difficult and even the amateur aquarists can be successful with a receptive pair
Betta is about 2 to 3 years
Betta is just lying at the surface of the water
Betta is genetically a cambodian Betta splendens with extended red and a layer of light iridescent blue / green
Betta is very good for stress relief
Betta is 80* to 84* f
Betta is a singaporean site about the fish Betta splendens
Betta is usually questionable
Betta is 2
Betta is kept in a quart
Betta is a carnivore

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