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Googlism comments

BigD is that the twins only saw hudson once this year
BigD is designed to calculate mineral
BigD is back
BigD is here to be heard
BigD is awarded a 25 pound prize for the quarter
BigD is moving on and has resigned from bro
BigD is the dipolar coupling constant between 15 n and 1 h
BigD is at loc
BigD is going through some stupid shit right now
BigD is ranked 122 and has played for 1h50m in 42 days
BigD is back @ home und so voller waterjoe gepumpt
BigD is back on flat
BigD is to be an incubator for micro and small sized companies from the region
BigD is doing everything
BigD is gonna crap his pants
BigD is ranked 17 and has played for 2h3m in 30 days real name
BigD is correct
BigD is
BigD is a dummy variable that takes on the value of i if the land area of the parcel is greater than 50
BigD is on jabber doc but he's just sitting there
BigD is a fag hes probably big d because of his wait you gotta respect the lady and shelll come to you when will you people ever learn
BigD is correct in saying that a rally should be "flagged up periodically" and with this in mind i have created a new forum within members events titled 'go
BigD is here
BigD is a brother just like the rest of us and i will always support him and his views even if i don't happen to agree with them
BigD is still out in the bathroom

Nickname BigD

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