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Googlism comments

Bloodletter is easily recognizable by it's fiery red color
Bloodletter is a unique sword
Bloodletter is unpredictable and will only honour a promise if it is compelled to speak an unknown word
Bloodletter is still only marginally brainier than sly's tango & cash
Bloodletter is to religion what insanity is to waking up in the morning
Bloodletter is currently on ssst't
Bloodletter is said to be an important role in maidenstone for it is said that a Bloodletter has shown her loyalty unto the order
Bloodletter is interested in her
Bloodletter is actually visible but is ignored & actually forgotten by those who would normally be able to see him
Bloodletter is armed with a hellblade which gives +10ws and does
Bloodletter is making an unheroic sprint for the ball he reaches it he fumbles
Bloodletter is seen again when he attempts to kill the superhuman feur in the jungles of vietnam
Bloodletter is able to communicate
Bloodletter is designed to fill both roles and is often described as a gunboat as well as a heavy starfighter
Bloodletter is definitely not your ordinary berserk
Bloodletter is plucking feathers from her wings in curiosity and frustration for not being allowed on this trip
Bloodletter is hit
Bloodletter is as you have guessed it an evil character
Bloodletter is armed with a hellblade which will automatically cause a critical hit if a 4+ is rolled to hit
Bloodletter is killed do not remove the model from the table
Bloodletter is hit and on a 3
Bloodletter is out of control
Bloodletter is dedicated in

Nickname Bloodletter

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