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Googlism comments

CNN is not amused by web parody
CNN is the story
CNN is on a roll
CNN is funny
CNN is 'insignificant'
CNN is launching an sms
CNN is pissed off
CNN is recording this *nm*
CNN is yet
CNN is reporting that it is revisiting the outcome of the civil
CNN is silly
CNN is incompetent
CNN is fair? that's news to me david bar
CNN is the preeminent source for news and information
CNN is eating everybody's balls
CNN is in the process of finalising a special marketing strategy
CNN is the ?castro
CNN is still irresponsible
CNN is just as ignorant as news 12
CNN is not amused by web parody newsmax
CNN is not surprising
CNN is the story honestreporting's efforts are recognized in articles by the new york times and jerusalem post
CNN is the
CNN is losing the cable news race
CNN is fair?
CNN is the leading news source for breaking events
CNN is launching an sms breaking ≠news service that it says will be available worldwide
CNN is yet to air
CNN is kyodo
CNN is reporting that it is revisiting the outcome of the civil war
CNN is that entertainment is in
CNN is talking fruitcake
CNN is thoroughly biased in favor of the arabs and against israel
CNN is utter lying
CNN is still considering the use of such hip
CNN is using old footage to man
CNN is using old footage to manipulate you
CNN is reporting that two have surrendederd to police
CNN is not what you thought
CNN is a 24
CNN is a huge global influence
CNN is said to be paying her
CNN is in the process of finalising a special marketing strategy for india"
CNN is the ?castro news network?
CNN is not for you
CNN is treating the hiring of connie chung as news worth covering
CNN is also at the forefront of news webcasting through its online division
CNN is fair and balanced? that's the funniest thing i've ever heard
CNN is not the gospel
CNN is found at the mitotic centrosomes of all cell types examined
CNN is a very strong brand in consumer news
CNN is budgeted at 80% of the old CNN news
CNN is unique
CNN is excited to offer worldwide resources to delivering critical and timely information to the world during disaster situations
CNN is a member of the openwave alliance program
CNN is planning on an exploding growth rate
CNN is a 24 hour liberal network
CNN is 'slanting the news' on sbc ___atlanta
CNN is launching a propaganda war against islam and muslims
CNN is responsible for the award
CNN is not there to film it
CNN is required for the proper spacing and separation of mitotic spindles
CNN is
CNN is not pro
CNN is making a very calculated bet that their growth online is going to be driven by subscription
CNN is a high quality cable network that provides up to the minute coverage of national and financial news
CNN is in the process of cornering not just the american info
CNN is an acronym for
CNN is the main tv news internationally
CNN is the perfect start to any lesson with the daily features desks
CNN is counting on the plot lines of dynasty
CNN is just looking for any way possible to hang on until another left
CNN is an acronym for cellular neural networks when used in the context of brain science
CNN is a core media partner and our strategy is supported by our findings from brandengage‘
CNN is the leading television channel amongst air travelers in asia
CNN is taking a bold step toward the next generation of news creation
CNN is evaluating a new generation of snmp agent designed to manage computing systems and the applications they host

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