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Googlism comments

CatHead is closed because of a dispute between dec and the hunting club that owns part of the mountain
CatHead is mounted on a shaft end that projects outside the guards for other moving parts of machinery
CatHead is a representation of the sun
CatHead is 4
CatHead is mechanically driven from the drill transmission
CatHead is hydraulically driven from the drill rig hydraulic system
CatHead is beautiful and challenging
CatHead is driven by a 4
CatHead is to follow the continuous miner's cable back to the transformer
CatHead is protected with slow dry zinc chromate primer
CatHead is a heavy duty unit with a cam operated clutch to handle your toughest jobs
CatHead is a hydraulic driven 6" diameter capstan mounted on the right rear corner below deck level
CatHead is complete
CatHead is from 656 ? 332 bc the CatHead is 12 cm high and cast in bronze with a coat of black patina
CatHead is made without a mold
CatHead is attached to the ship
CatHead is
CatHead is known as catting the anchor
CatHead is in use
CatHead is the rotating drum in the CatHead and rope lift system
CatHead is attached to the wheel hub
CatHead is a shaft with a lifting head that extends on either side of the drawworks and has two major functions
CatHead is that the operator must make sure that he or she stands a safe distance from the CatHead drum
CatHead is a large square piece of timber
CatHead is a device for transmitting power through a revolving drum and a rope or cable wrapped around it
CatHead is a power source for screwing together joints of pipe
CatHead is unattended
CatHead is not wearing a dress but training clothes
CatHead is used for piling and for instance screw pile work

Nickname CatHead

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