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Googlism comments

Caustics is that the vase looks better "attached" to the top of the dresser in the version on the right
Caustics is much clearer when animating
Caustics is shown in figure 3
Caustics is a shader plugin for lightwave that adds fast
Caustics is a shader plug
Caustics is an experimental technique which may be used in stress concentration problems and is particularly useful in the
Caustics is not integrated in maya default renderer
Caustics is driven by the few parameters of the objects material
Caustics is one of numerous number of optical methods employed for evaluation stresses and strains of deformed body
Caustics is commonly in use for the mechanically isotropic materials
Caustics is a plug
Caustics is the name for the light phenomenon of converging light
Caustics is via the paper industry
Caustics is through the paper industry
Caustics is generated by a light source at a closer location
Caustics is not very "fun"
Caustics is extremely easy ­ there are global settings in the render settings dialog
Caustics is the name used to describe the patterns caused by interactions of light reflected or refracted through materials of varying density
Caustics is the best way to even the odds against an opponent who is armored like a sherman tank
Caustics is often referred to as »faked
Caustics is reduced to the classifications of function germs
Caustics is particularly important in assessing glare and adds to the perceived realism
Caustics is much larger than the one for smooth waves
Caustics is shown in the plot below
Caustics is the focusing of light
Caustics is slightly altered the Caustics will be displaced rather than destroyed
Caustics is an optical technique used in stress analysis
Caustics is investigated both
Caustics is designed to create water effects
Caustics is signif
Caustics is used to investigate the behavoiur of isotropic and orthotropic plates as well as sandwich plates
Caustics is replaced by allowing caustic paths to be followed in the integration of
Caustics is the varying light patterns formed on a shallow sea floor
Caustics is to use spotlight with a projection image
Caustics is one among
Caustics is quite complex and therefore it is time consuming
Caustics is beyond the scope of this article
Caustics is small
Caustics is very general
Caustics is proposed for general hamiltonians
Caustics is notched
Caustics is the focused hotspot of light on a table produced by light passing through a glass vessel
Caustics is almost certainly
Caustics is applied to three different equations for the measurement of the stress intensity factor using cellulose acetate
Caustics is that you are trying to simulate something that has some extremely variable problems to calculate in relation to distance
Caustics is a spin off of bezier
Caustics is the lagrange manifold formalism
Caustics is related to all coxeter crystallographic groups generated by
Caustics is what makes the rippling light effect in undersea penguin above
Caustics is available to both standard and production users when they register their copy of ae
Caustics is the sinusoidal patterns seen on an object when it is submerged under water
Caustics is an interesting problem in itself as computing specular lighting in dynamic environments can be
Caustics is related page 5
Caustics is thus a potential source of clustering in the angular distribution of cr arrival directions
Caustics is useful for
Caustics is also now included on the rendering options page
Caustics is well
Caustics is done by visualizing a radiance estimate obtained using a separate Caustics photon map which has a high density of photons
Caustics is significantly improved compared to traditional path tracing
Caustics is that they can be animated for that true
Caustics is one of the other new features
Caustics is not reproduced
Caustics is being used to resolve the surfaces of the background stars
Caustics is needed
Caustics is a new texture property under the area of finishes
Caustics is to use the orthotomic curve
Caustics is
Caustics is on
Caustics is well established as a powerful optical method to determine stress
Caustics is obvious
Caustics is solved by relating the opticalconstant of Caustics with the photoelastic constant fo theoptically
Caustics is quite common
Caustics is one of the most important para
Caustics is explained in the program description
Caustics is called caustic zone
Caustics is amazing
Caustics is always positive
Caustics is in the form of neutralinos
Caustics is formed that significantly facilitates sound scattering by volume inhomogeneities
Caustics is the effect of reflection of a curved object

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