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Googlism comments

Cavedog is part of gt's continuing reorganization stemming from its acquisition by infogrames in december
Cavedog is capable of doing the best strategy game ever
Cavedog is yet another step toward achieving our goal
Cavedog is no longer supportive of its fans
Cavedog is becoming more like the other gaming companies like cough cough
Cavedog is quite adept at dealing with these issues
Cavedog is supplying some nifty prizes rolling thunder
Cavedog is a place for the most talented people in the industry to come together to build amazing games
Cavedog is seriously listening to players of
Cavedog is seriously listening to players of total annihilation
Cavedog is a lot like me leaving lucasarts a few years back
Cavedog is total annihilation 2
Cavedog is dead
Cavedog is the happy puppy guide
Cavedog is the happy puppy total annihilation guide
Cavedog is supplying some nifty prizes
Cavedog is inserting into amen has largely shown there has been an emphasis on the single
Cavedog is working on one great game that can succeed
Cavedog is working on
Cavedog is the studio responsible for total annihilation and total annihilation
Cavedog is based in kirkland
Cavedog is continuing to work with total annihilation and has released four new units for multiplayer and skirmish modes on their
Cavedog is one of the more honorable and gamer
Cavedog is still planning on
Cavedog is in it's death throes
Cavedog is trying to cover the gap left with total annihilation
Cavedog is trying to take fantasy real
Cavedog is second to none
Cavedog is also promising a massive multiplayer campaign entitled the darien crusades to add extra interest to online play
Cavedog is total annihilation
Cavedog is the company formed by monkey island creator
Cavedog is also simulatenously developing a first
Cavedog is utilized by this map
Cavedog is creative
Cavedog is ignoring us posts
Cavedog is now ubiqitous
Cavedog is trying to capture the magic that made ta a winner and integrate into a fantasy genre
Cavedog is also currently seeking out deals with online gaming companies who might carry kingdoms so that they can populate north
Cavedog is picking that up and running with it
Cavedog is trying to follow suit with total annihilation
Cavedog is producing an inhouse engine for amen
Cavedog is adding on a weekly basis since they weren’t out yet
Cavedog is also posting new units
Cavedog is
Cavedog is coming out with an editor
Cavedog is going to continue the practice of releasing new units for download that it started with the original total annihilation
Cavedog is not responsible for the performance
Cavedog is trying to advertise more?
Cavedog is doing some interesting things with their boneyards service where they have a galaxy of worlds and people play ta rts campaigns to fight for control
Cavedog is interviewed on plug
Cavedog is supporting the game with new maps and units
Cavedog is out on budget
Cavedog is moving into shooters now so blizzard's got complete control for a while
Cavedog is the company that developed the award winning game
Cavedog is no doubt best known for their killer rts total annihilation and their upcoming ta
Cavedog is wasting no time
Cavedog is planning to put up new missions on their website in the future
Cavedog is still riding high on their refinement of the real time strategy genre
Cavedog is trying to make the channel stats"
Cavedog is trying to make sure the game runs for a nice satisfying length of time
Cavedog is located in washington state
Cavedog is a company that is similar to how id was 2 or 3 years ago
Cavedog is offering new
Cavedog is firing another volley with total annihilation kingdoms
Cavedog is niet meer
Cavedog is currently developing not one
Cavedog is also announcing amen
Cavedog is the latest in a string of high
Cavedog is decidedly positive about the possibility
Cavedog is the leading in fire escape gaurding
Cavedog is supreme
Cavedog is working to fix the problem and has already released a couple of beta patches
Cavedog is making an important decision
Cavedog is a special on gamespot uk that has looks at several of Cavedog's upcoming projects
Cavedog is making a new unit available for free every week on its web site at http
Cavedog is closed
Cavedog is stepping away from the "this enemy
Cavedog is seriously listening to players of total
Cavedog is known to provide a lot of additional stuff to lengthen the life of their games considerably
Cavedog is someone's pretty
Cavedog is now closed
Cavedog is disfunct now
Cavedog is still hard at work on this game
Cavedog is mostly hyping the story

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