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Googlism comments

Cersei is a very *interesting* character in 'asoif'
Cersei is definitely my choice
Cersei is behind his poisoning
Cersei is ahving a dinner with her brother
Cersei is a lion of casterly rock
Cersei is his regent
Cersei is depraved but at times extremely funny
Cersei is not based on circe
Cersei is going to have trouble
Cersei is a woman
Cersei is told the guardsman lum found tywin dead in the privy
Cersei is ever so loving and receptive toward olivia's approaching embrace
Cersei is disturbed by tyrionís presence
Cersei is saying that jaime should be the hand of the king
Cersei is dead
Cersei is here
Cersei is as horrible a woman
Cersei is safe here

Nickname Cersei

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