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Googlism comments

Claudian is just as extreme
Claudian is considered by many to have been the last great poet of the ancient world
Claudian is no lucan
Claudian is noticed in alexandria by the roman prefect hadrian
Claudian is an awkward one
Claudian is hardly read even by classical scholars
Claudian is the only divine being you will ever need in life
Claudian is the goddess of evil magic while asira is the god of righteous magic
Claudian is the broad sky infused with a golden light that glows through the atmosphere
Claudian is by no means the most incompetient poet discussed
Claudian is described as the last of the great classical latin poets
Claudian is considered the best of the late poets
Claudian is not prepared for the strict examination of our antiquaries
Claudian is surely superior in technique
Claudian is read with
Claudian is classical in
Claudian is an important primary source
Claudian is silent on
Claudian is reputed to have said
Claudian is scrutinized with a
Claudian is made up of lines and of the "apology to ha dria n"; see Claudian
Claudian is a shortened form of Claudianus
Claudian is using the intertextual associations of these earlier texts to reclaim the unity of rome shown by lucan to have been destroyed
Claudian is the last of the latin poets

Nickname Claudian

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