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Googlism comments

Cleetus is the trucker of the group
Cleetus is hard at work in the studio so stay tuned for more intense originals with their unique blend of edgy vocals and lyrics; hypnotic harmonies; contagious
Cleetus is trusted by
Cleetus is also the only person i've ever met who claims to have personally engaged in the time
Cleetus is a new music band and project by gregg kirk
Cleetus is also the leader of the team
Cleetus is prolly going to the lil' old bad place that everyone know's about
Cleetus is senior member of technical staff at the concurrent engineering research center
Cleetus is one young wrestler
Cleetus is a damned liar
Cleetus is a dachshund who loves to smile
Cleetus is now in the steel guitar rotation
Cleetus is a huge knicks fan
Cleetus is going to
Cleetus is a fellow of the national academy of engineering
Cleetus is a product of a big corporation
Cleetus is not a pet
Cleetus is constantly expanding their cover song list with current and classic material
Cleetus is going off to sling rhyme in the big world and we wish him well
Cleetus is remarkably not cute
Cleetus is cleaning up the backroom
Cleetus is currently in an eva suit trying to clean off that mess
Cleetus is ranked 176 and has played for 3h37m in 14 days

Nickname Cleetus

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