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Googlism comments

Clos is implemented
Clos is becoming more widely recognized today
Clos is now built into products and is in mission critical use by large corporations
Clos is a commercially proven
Clos is dying
Clos is one of the seven grand crus on the large hill directly overlooking the town of chablis
Clos is the "common lisp object system"
Clos is that the superclasses listed earlier are more specific than those listed later
Clos is pronouned either as "see
Clos is a scheme implementation of a `kernelized' Clos
Clos is an abbreviation for common lisp object system
Clos is the only remaining english enclave in a quarter of menton that was once almost entirely british
Clos is > slow and not fully conformant
Clos is needed
Clos is equal to
Clos is the 2nd gate on the left across from the hotel des sables d'ocre
Clos is located in a region ideal for hiking
Clos is the part of common lisp that
Clos is isolated from the dbms and vice versa
Clos is an excellent language in which to develop programs which are large
Clos is t
Clos is not required
Clos is that it has to use a "funny looking" syntax
Clos is that it has to use a "funny looking" > syntax
Clos is also one of it's greatest weaknesses; it's install program
Clos is the inclusion of corel wordperfect suite 2000
Clos is a very simple Clos
Clos is a high
Clos is general enough also to cover the active values in loops
Clos is using the power of the internet and communication technology to improve life in the city of barcelona
Clos is the common lisp object system
Clos is most powerful object oriented programming language
Clos is provided by these objects
Clos is built by the cross
Clos is multi
Clos is different
Clos is a name that crops up a lot in discussion of object
Clos is good for
Clos is probably the best of sartre's drama
Clos is a self
Clos is listed below
Clos is stored in the silence calm of the cellar for a good while before being sold
Clos is french for a small
Clos is an integral part of ansi common lisp
Clos is almost certainly the best
Clos is an object
Clos is the work of a couple
Clos is surrounded by a stone wall
Clos is the french word for a small vineyard or walled garden
Clos is convinced that cities have a determinant role in maintaining the present and future world balances
Clos is 100% american made
Clos is the next best thing
Clos is included
Clos is situated in a finely restored manor house and is famous for its light and fresh mediterranean cuisine
Clos is still relevant
Clos is perhaps the best of the seven grand cru vineyards there
Clos is a cosy quiet house build of stones
Clos is relevant is that it had two
Clos is french for enClosure
Clos is the birthplace of the wines of chablis
Clos is devoid of literary flourish
Clos is then created which will
Clos is of course the common list object system
Clos is divided into two adjacent parcels
Clos is really something we're committed to
Clos is that banks are not necessarily delinked from their securitized loans
Clos is a partial implementation of an operation
Clos is drifting away from pure pclness
Clos is a very popular medium for expressing cognitive musicological theories
Clos is mayor of barcelona
Clos is primarily in the area of poverty law as described in s
Clos is 4
Clos is still bearish this week
Clos is a cultivated field while a savanne is a pasture used for farm animals
Clos is a lovely
Clos is working to strengthen the community of existing cooperative houses in seattle through sharing information
Clos is often the most forward
Clos is that hell is other people
Clos is available in ecl
Clos is a true object
Clos is inherently more powerful
Clos is a child of common lisp

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