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Googlism comments

Cogliostro is aware of the battle
Cogliostro is known as Cogliostro the eternal druid of elders
Cogliostro is teaching spawn all about how to use his armor
Cogliostro is immortal
Cogliostro is a good example of 'improved' dubbing
Cogliostro is a fun movie that can be watched at anytime
Cogliostro is more adept at delivering fireballs and lightning bolts from afar
Cogliostro is a former hellspawn
Cogliostro is a different story
Cogliostro is still hinting at danger and talking in circles
Cogliostro is eventually revealed to be an immortal hellspawn himself
Cogliostro is ranked 104 and has played for 21m in 150 days real name
Cogliostro is also on the scene to encourage spawn to renounce violence and choose the side of the lord
Cogliostro is literally spawn's yoda

Nickname Cogliostro

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