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Googlism comments

Coir is made
Coir is green business
Coir is the mother business of the group and
Coir is so robust; how are Coir mats made
Coir is 100% natural fibre
Coir is a natural organic resource produced from coconut husks by the coconut industry
Coir is not acidic
Coir is the fibrous middle layer of the coconut and is used in the manufacture of automobile seats
Coir is traditionally processed from coconut husks cured in freshwater for at least six months
Coir is relatively new to the erosion control industry and it may take some time for this industry
Coir is a+ for me
Coir is available
Coir is a coarse fibre obtained from the tissues surrounding the seed of the coconut palm
Coir is the protective fibrous layer surrounding the hard shell in coconut fruits
Coir is fibre
Coir is widely used in gro
Coir is a lengthy process
Coir is a padding material for furniture
Coir is absent of weeds and pathogens
Coir is popular for doormats and rugs in enclosed porches
Coir is fiber
Coir is primarily coming from sri lanka although some material from mexico may be around as well
Coir is the outside layer of husk that surrounds the shell of the coconut
Coir is the coarse fiber that forms the outside layer of husk surrounding the shell of the coconut
Coir is primarily coming from sri lanka although some material mexico may be around as well
Coir is used in brushes
Coir is a long and hard fibre
Coir is one of the few export items that has had an mep
Coir is discarded as waste
Coir is its eco
Coir is fully gruranteed against wear for 5 years subject to correct installation and maintenance; starlux Coir is guaranteed
Coir is an organic material that breaks down very slowly
Coir is one of the toughest natural fibers around
Coir is facing a recognition problem here despite being ideally suitable for use in the us market
Coir is a lignocellulosic material
Coir is a beautiful
Coir is used only for rope and mat making
Coir is a 100% organic fiber
Coir is the bi
Coir is similar to canadian peat
Coir is a strong cellulose fibre wit high lignin content
Coir is a lengthy one
Coir is a durable natural fiber
Coir is available in bricks that must be soaked overnight to expand them
Coir is a 100% natural fibre extracted from the husk of the coconut
Coir is the fibre extracted from the outer husks of coconuts
Coir is rich in natural rooting aids which help its own seed take root on dry sandy beaches
Coir is preferred over concrete bricks and peat moss because it is cheaper
Coir is a centuries
Coir is rustic
Coir is a waste product of the coconut processing industry
Coir is still useful
Coir is the short fiber that remains after the meat
Coir is a natural
Coir is a homogenous material composed of millions of capillary micro sponges that absorb and hold nearly 1000% of their own weight in water
Coir is a 100% biodegradable natural product from the sustainable resources of the coconut husk
Coir is used to make filters for aquariums
Coir is the fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconuts and thus you will still hear it referred to as 'coco mats' or 'coco matting'
Coir is pronouncedly golden in colour
Coir is the natural solution for busy spaces
Coir is useful for propagation purposes
Coir is thrown away by burning or buryied
Coir is rapidly becoming the media of choice for both soil
Coir is readily available in large quantities
Coir is such an organic matter
Coir is left in heaps for a minimum of 2
Coir is the sure winner
Coir is kerala’s contribution to the world mart
Coir is a popular growing media and can be used as a moisture retainer or soil ameliorant
Coir is then compressed into bricks
Coir is a hard versatile fibre
Coir is an important parameter to check
Coir is a strong celluloid fibre made from coconut husk
Coir is produced from the processed outer husk of the coconut
Coir is a gift of nature
Coir is similar in appearance
Coir is not destroyed
Coir is used as a substrate for a wide range of crops
Coir is a 100% organic fibre
Coir is free of the high concentrations of sodium
Coir is one of the most amazing and functional contributions of nature to man
Coir is extracted from the husk of the coconut
Coir is the fibre from husk of the coconut
Coir is environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing
Coir is relatively soft it is more difficult to stake a plant
Coir is made from the strong fibres of the coconut husk found in the lush state of kerala
Coir is the most important commodity manufactured in alappuzha
Coir is treated as a yuppie alternative & the price is thru the roof
Coir is a porous material thereby maintaining a uniform temparature
Coir is more economic than the other known furnishing materials

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