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Googlism comments

Collie is dog that
Collie is reputed for its supreme intelligence
Collie is dog that stands out from the herd
Collie is an alert watchdog
Collie is highly intelligent
Collie is a medium sized dog with a medium length coat that follows the natural lines of the body and allows plenty of daylight
Collie is beautiful
Collie is what they call me at three years old
Collie is a medium sized bundle of energy
Collie is named shane
Collie is one of the elemental destructive forces of nature
Collie is no longer necessary on these small farms
Collie is the finest sheepherding dog
Collie is intelligent and gentle with all family members
Collie is a not
Collie is often used to describe a variety of Collie
Collie is believed to have originated in the hilly border countries of scotland and ireland
Collie is what he is because of where he came from
Collie is adopted that is intact
Collie is petrified of thunderstorms
Collie is
Collie is a descendant of the polish sheepdog which was brought to scotland in 1514
Collie is a strong
Collie is a descendant of the polish sheepdog
Collie is never happier
Collie is the ultimate working sheepdog
Collie is descended from the working Collie landrace of the british isles
Collie is merely a sport
Collie is not to be a surprise gift
Collie is een langharig ras en dankt zijn naam aan de baard
Collie is a medium
Collie is able to anticipate needs or desires of the owner
Collie is basically the same
Collie is definitely not the dog for them
Collie is provided with a health exam
Collie is a medium sized dog
Collie is not for you if
Collie is largely a descendant of those old herd dogs
Collie is from that set
Collie is disposition and intelligence
Collie is a balanced dog
Collie is a fast
Collie is descended from roman herding dogs that were brought to britain during the roman empire
Collie is found stretched out on the brand new
Collie is a very old breed of herding dogs
Collie is a lithe
Collie is a very easy dog to obedience train because he is anxious to please his master
Collie is and what went into the making of the breed
Collie is outstanding when it comes to working sheep
Collie is a well balanced
Collie is requested
Collie is a shetland sheepdog
Collie is high spirited
Collie is the second most common breed to be turned into rescue
Collie is a medium sized dog with a medium length coat that follows the natural lines of the body and allows plenty of daylight under the body
Collie is quite a different animal from the common Collie
Collie is a highly intelligent
Collie is approximately 4
Collie is approximately 3"
Collie is not a breed
Collie is known by how it works sheep and cattle
Collie is a breed of herding dogs from great britain
Collie is een veelzijdige hond
Collie is first of all a sheepdog
Collie is the right choice where do we go to find a breeder? we believe
Collie is an outline breed
Collie is a medium sized dog with a medium length coat that follows the natural lines of the body and allows plenty of daylight under the
Collie is an ancient scottish breed of herding dog
Collie is used on each water body in the exclusion area
Collie is quite rare in norway
Collie is een engels ras ontstaan op de grens
Collie is fast becoming one of the most popular dogs
Collie is hailed as the "supreme herding dog"
Collie is the right dog for you
Collie is suited only to a “working home
Collie is bred for its abilities and natural herding instinct rather than for appearance
Collie is highly trainable
Collie is the premier herding dog with a working style unique to the breed
Collie is never happier than when he is working
Collie is generally a deep chested dog with strong sloping shoulders
Collie is primarily honey and cream colored
Collie is typically a loving
Collie is most important if you wish to win
Collie is not appropriate
Collie is well proportioned

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