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Googlism comments

Corsec is pleased to share that rsa security's keon certificate authority
Corsec is more than happy to discuss your validation status with your staff or customers if you desire
Corsec is hot on his trail
Corsec is always willing to help our customers in communicating progress and explaining validation process as they deal with potential sales opportunities
Corsec is were she logged
Corsec is looking for booster
Corsec is the eyes and ears for the nation
Corsec is 32%
Corsec is going to be
Corsec is alive and well
Corsec is a nuisance i would be happy to be rid of
Corsec is done with the body
Corsec is also responsible for sending out thank
Corsec is in
Corsec is going be here any minute
Corsec is kinda wussy
Corsec is the one who is calling me now?" he suddenly said aloud
Corsec is pending decision of posting a real bounty on him
Corsec is looking for him and that he might find help at a bar in the lower levels called murri's
Corsec is cracking down on these gunfights
Corsec is sending over an investigation team
Corsec is bound to be here any second
Corsec is the corellian peace
Corsec is gonna be here any minute
Corsec is treating you well
Corsec is a nuisance he would be happy to be rid of
Corsec is here
Corsec is stretched just a little thin these days

Nickname Corsec

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