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Googlism comments

DB2 is
DB2 is the right
DB2 is the world's fastest and most cost
DB2 is behind the times
DB2 is outdated
DB2 is active on
DB2 is federated
DB2 is active
DB2 is available now
DB2 is behind the times by fran foo special to zdnet june 14
DB2 is the first database on linux for the new amd processor family
DB2 is the right choice for your company
DB2 is the right choice
DB2 is the world's fastest and most cost effective database
DB2 is the industry's first multimedia
DB2 is a relational database
DB2 is behind the times 10
DB2 is behind the times oracle
DB2 is the most scaleable
DB2 is a "relational database management system"
DB2 is DB2 is DB2
DB2 is running
DB2 is more consistent than previous versions
DB2 is the most obvious solution
DB2 is the platform of choice for sap
DB2 is an open
DB2 is down again and it's only friday
DB2 is a comprehensive windows
DB2 is active on cics/6000 thread312
DB2 is a leading force in the database
DB2 is a relational editor designed to increase database reliability
DB2 is the only relational extract tool that guarantees to assemble the right subset of data from the right tables every time
DB2 is ibm's database software
DB2 is a systems management solution designed to optimize DB2 performance for a full range of real
DB2 is 1
DB2 is a better
DB2 is faster and more reliable than its predecessor
DB2 is likely to include informix's multimedia data management modules
DB2 is a part of the
DB2 is a new ispf
DB2 is commonly accessed by cics
DB2 is a leading force in the database market and is a perfect fit with sourceforge
DB2 is passe as a database and that jobs related to it do not exist
DB2 is actively updating the system
DB2 is the best all around product according to bloor research bloor research has released an in
DB2 is a leading force in the database market
DB2 is easier to install
DB2 is "100% pure java"
DB2 is an enterprise
DB2 is based on princeton softech's relationship engine tm
DB2 is ibm's latest weapon in trying to grab more market share from rival oracle in the $12
DB2 is one product
DB2 is complicated
DB2 is a robust tool that allows you to analyze table and index spaces to understand data distribution and data characteristics so your DB2 system
DB2 is a big market player with a multitude of
DB2 is being chosen for an application where you canít count or identify them
DB2 is not only the relational store
DB2 is not supported when used in conjunction with the microsoft sql server 7
DB2 is an odbc
DB2 is your profession
DB2 is focused on the subsystem
DB2 is poised to support emerging technologies
DB2 is not installed on the machine that will become the file manager server
DB2 is the instance name
DB2 is powering the
DB2 is available
DB2 is a database
DB2 is capable of getting you started with simple commerce or data warehousing solutions and grows to support millions of worldwide users
DB2 is the development platform for the sap business information warehouse
DB2 is a relational database management system
DB2 is to allocate 75 percent of physical memory to the buffer pools
DB2 is a solid product i work with DB2 on a daily basis with the newer application server technology platform
DB2 is behind the times source
DB2 is jd edwards ' preferred oneworld xe database for unix environments and one of only two preferred databases for windows environments
DB2 is a registered trademark of ibm corporation
DB2 is a registered trademark of ibm corp
DB2 is a versatile product
DB2 is integrated into ca
DB2 is finished writing to them
DB2 is not compatible with datadirect's connect odbc driver manager and core components on unix platforms
DB2 is using the access path that you
DB2 is the answer
DB2 is 100% pure java middleware for DB2 sql access from custom applications and third party products
DB2 is xp
DB2 is a proven enterprise strength database
DB2 is established while attempting to
DB2 is not straight forward
DB2 is well known
DB2 is a large
DB2 is available immediately
DB2 is a registered trademark of the international business machines corporation and is used by cmp media under license
DB2 is via a web browser using newsgroup access
DB2 is what the 900ss was meat to be
DB2 is defined for otl/DB2

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