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Googlism comments

DND is not the end
DND is available from DND
DND is an extremely interesting project
DND is bad
DND is a supplementary service which enables a served user to cause the pisn to reject any calls
DND is paradise for students who like to experiment and hack away at a network they can call their own
DND is met een flinke delegatie naar hip 97 gegaan en heeft daar een aanzienlijke hoeveelheid fotos weten te maken
DND is seeking environmental approval for a lease which would grant the military the exclusive right to restrict or control access to a proposed
DND is one of the organizations the institute answers to and all of this has goudie and his supervisor wondering whether the institute and DND
DND is a powerful network tool for manag
DND is a member of the advanced distributed learning committee
DND is an organization of virginia democrats who are dedicated to building an online democratic network for the 21st century
DND is occuring causes the vm to freeze
DND is a usenet newsgroup dedicated to discussions pertaining to ad&d
DND is required before an account on webster can be created
DND is used to authenticate users for academic and administrative services
DND is proposing to buy the subs through a barter arrangement
DND is still attempting
DND is planned for 10 – 13 february 1998 for all staff interested in environmental issues within DND
DND is on when the button is lit red
DND is suggested
DND is committed to environmental protection
DND is a drag and drop protocol developed by césar crusius
DND is provided with offix
DND is preparing to install the mirrors in the bending magnet beamline
DND is not all potty humor
DND is virginia's largest online democratic community
DND is now considering using this as a model for a new site to become a centre for electronic publishing and multimedia
DND is deploying datakey
DND is a game played by a variety of ages
DND is so determined to carry on using our airspace for low level
DND is still abiding
DND is determined to meet the goal of reducing waste by one half by the year 2000
DND is pressed
DND is one of the all
DND is to "further militarize school campuses and communities
DND is looking for policy interns
DND is unlikely to get the approval of parliament because it is essentially a nuclear war fighting doctrine
DND is there
DND is not looking at
DND is required to validate the foreign aircraft certification before flight tests
DND is furnished with offix distribution
DND is also examining complementary sealift requirements
DND is telling parliament
DND is intend to build a gui for molecular dynamics simulation of molecule
DND is invaluable
DND is earthquake that deals damage to units
DND is a national agency
DND is pleased to have telesat canada as the prime contractor for the upgrade to the satellite
DND is not liable for data loss or downtime
DND is building systems with all the latest technology while the competitors are just thinking about it
DND is responsible for the policy and procedures to be followed as well as the standard forms to be used
DND is focussed in two areas—the "buying process" and the internal DND process
DND is not the only organization to study hr trends and forecasts
DND is further evidence that this is taking place
DND is in effect for the called station
DND is used
DND is a product developed for small consignments with the weight not exceeding 3 000 kilograms
DND is registered at the d
DND is active
DND is on for all mailboxes
DND is of the opinion that the parcel titles are satisfactory
DND is done
DND is started when plain mouse dragging occurs
DND is implementing an epss product developed by sterling resources
DND is planning for eventual access to enterprise by all employees and service members via its intranet
DND is mean
DND is less well balanced than sm5
DND is committed to value and enrich – vehicle safety is a major leadership issue
DND is expanding
DND is looking to refocus resources on its core business
DND is very cooperative about this arrangement but our activity is always subject to their schedule demands
DND is > > closed
DND is > closed
DND is just runnin through our vains
DND is planning to have four canadian overflights of the us
DND is on 4th march at the shang ri la hotel

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