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Googlism comments

DTC is doa
DTC is gstpa finalist
DTC is doa the right marketing mix trumps awareness advertising
DTC is a proven success
DTC is a leading manufacturer of wireless audio and video transmission products for bona fide government agencies worldwide
DTC is generally ineffective? it is true that in this study
DTC is configured to rely on a remote transaction manager
DTC is notifying all participants that the transaction must abort
DTC is in force
DTC is a compiler written in scheme
DTC is interested in preserving the viability of america's dairy family farmers in a rapidly changing world; that is
DTC is a self
DTC is ablated using a laser microbeam
DTC is a sophisticated apparatus designed to let scientists take a close look at how liquids diffuse into each other
DTC is on the right hand side just after the acura car dealership
DTC is teaming with jeter cook & jepson on the long awaited
DTC is either prohibited or has a more limited role in informing patients
DTC is one of approximately a dozen such programs in the united states which is designed for
DTC is the first technology to control the "real" motor control variables of torque and flux
DTC is a national clearinghouse for the settlement of trades in corporate and municipal securities and performs securities custody
DTC is assocaited with little toxicity and clear clinical benefit
DTC is a registered trademark of ultra pure solutions inc
DTC is known as one of the only small businesses in the united states to be awarded a prime contract to work on the largest financial system in the world
DTC is fast
DTC is applied
DTC is operating interstate services in 6 states and ut chandigarh viz
DTC is a custom
DTC is acting under a contract to the federal aviation administration to provide the duat service
DTC is located on the 18th floor together with the main reception
DTC is an activex control that emits htm
DTC is available on windows nt as part of microsoft sql server 6
DTC is bent upon diverting public attention from cng by initiating a pilot project on diesel buses instead of focussing on the implementation of the supreme
DTC is about to be published
DTC is not currently year 2000 compliant but is working diligently to become so
DTC is asking all transfer agents to work with issuers to ensure the following processing standards are met
DTC is the world’s largest securities depository
DTC is being configured
DTC is not managed by
DTC is here to stay
DTC is well positioned to provide cost
DTC is the distributed transaction manager for windows nt and windows 95
DTC is
DTC is assessing its own year 2000 readiness as well as the year 2000 readiness of all its participants
DTC is comprised of representatives from ericsson
DTC is located nearer to the bangabandhu
DTC is one of a very few help desks certified in the healthcare arena today
DTC is working with southampton university to improve efficiency in operating theatres
DTC is always available to help customers solve problems even when the problems seem unsolvable
DTC is not only able to keep cleaning costs down but
DTC is our supported web
DTC is realizing these significant awareness gains at the same time DTC spend is slowing
DTC is not like other products or services and require special regulations
DTC is an incorporated association
DTC is to train 120 students per year
DTC is your designation as an authorized discreet training center
DTC is unclear
DTC is our only business
DTC is located on upper mount street
DTC is prevalent
DTC is that it does not count how many weapons are actually shipped each year
DTC is networked with all other leading professional transportation and logistics organizations
DTC is based on the effects of the impairment rather than the presence of a condition
DTC is not responsible for the content or operation of liked sites
DTC is also used as some kind of biocide in other industries
DTC is 11/23
DTC is a two
DTC is for research purposes only
DTC is used
DTC is conveniently located in the denver technological center
DTC is funded mainly through grants – the governor’s crime commission and juvenile crime prevention council grants being the main funding sources
DTC is by no means against ultra fast digital subscriber lines
DTC is responsible for proposing a process for managing security aspects in relation to the researchers it will use on its programmes
DTC is expected to undertake a diverse range of research in its specialist technology area
DTC is in bcnf
DTC is a regular activex control with support for a few additional com interfaces
DTC is only a channel of his blessing
DTC is a less adversarial approach with criminal
DTC is the central depository for us securities providing custodial and settlement services for
DTC is private
DTC is not able to take delivery

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