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Googlism comments

Daize is loved
Daize is back
Daize is looking at a very nice face lift
Daize is among the echelon of women pros who have helped moved the sport from its chauvinistic roots into a whole new world that
Daize is part cherokee
Daize is one of
Daize is the token psycho goat felcher
Daize is my beautiful daughter sired by trip
Daize is more powerful
Daize is open the day after a snowfall of one foot or more
Daize is plump
Daize is great
Daize is at the door
Daize is still alive"
Daize is crying on another bench
Daize is all dozer x ruby on her “moms” side
Daize is confident they can beat to reach the

Nickname Daize

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