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Googlism comments

DanL is bogus e
DanL is
DanL is a gigantic fan of kerry
DanL is probably an abbreviation for daniel
DanL is raised and could be an abbreviation for daniel
DanL is theoretically ktb
DanL is going to ground me for life if one of you don't figure this out
DanL is 6
DanL is the administrator of the rich mullins mailing list; the official
DanL is working on
DanL is just another term for the noise floor of the instrument given a particular bandwidth
DanL is nemi; oyu ear ubt garnersts dentisre thiw em
DanL is 2
DanL is the best
DanL is understandable
DanL is now known as danel *** lasse sets mode
DanL is gonna give me a hand
DanL is conjectural & i suppose
DanL is also *superman* and santa claus
DanL is right though
DanL is an asset and i told him via email he is always welcome here

Nickname DanL

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