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Googlism comments

Dannii is a foxy lady
Dannii is also going to do a special performance on the 30th june featuring some semi
Dannii is scheduled to be on tomorrow tonight's edition of mtv dance med club tour mtv dance 20
Dannii is in switzerland tonight
Dannii is devastated
Dannii is to read a story to the kindergarten class
Dannii is a woman of action
Dannii is a nice person and tends to be a bit more cultured and "better" than others
Dannii is connected to the following things
Dannii is connected to because
Dannii is out to reinvent herself and conquer the pop charts again
Dannii is set to make a comeback
Dannii is releasing her track put the needle on it on the same day
Dannii is quite internet
Dannii is desperate to grab some of the success kylie has enjoyed and says confidently that her infectious dance single is the best tune she has ever recorded
Dannii is
Dannii is over but that they will stay close friends
Dannii is playing the lead role of esmeralda in the musical notre
Dannii is kylie # 2
Dannii is the one that
Dannii is wonderful
Dannii is now open and is located at http
Dannii is kylie's sis she was uglier than the average miss she lost some weight plastic surgery made her easier to date and yet
Dannii is headstrong and determined and she just storms through
Dannii is more soberly
Dannii is also a member of which immensely successful japenese group ?
Dannii is currently writing and recording for her new album with ian masterson
Dannii is planning to relaunch her own pop career with a single next month
Dannii is "deeply upset" by the development
Dannii is ecstatic when told of the observation
Dannii is a wonderful person
Dannii is truly in love with kido and will say yes to him soon and will become mrs
Dannii is my mum
Dannii is best known as a pop star but she started her career as an actress in an australian soap called skyways
Dannii is no stranger to the entertainment industry
Dannii is kylies sister who i adore as well
Dannii is doing with her music career
Dannii is back
Dannii is no
Dannii is coming to oz
Dannii is the best music choice to me
Dannii is to kylie minogue
Dannii is working as and actress and singer
Dannii is certainly changing her image a bit
Dannii is planning to re
Dannii is kylie minogue's younger sister
Dannii is a strong person
Dannii is the best friend a person could ever have
Dannii is so much better than kylie
Dannii is sinds kort aan de vent
Dannii is real 14
Dannii is enjoying her latest dance single
Dannii is playing the role of sassy sidekick
Dannii is using plastic surgery to slowly metamorphose into diana
Dannii is said to be the one keeping quiet on the impending nuptials
Dannii is said to be limited to friendship
Dannii is innocent
Dannii is very sorry to hear of the cancellation of
Dannii is bred & co/owned with robert zammit she has done very well in the show ring
Dannii is not british but she's a babe
Dannii is to perform at this years' coloursfest in glasgow
Dannii is indeed the younger sister of kylie
Dannii is putting on a brave face but her heart is broken
Dannii is a closet lesbian
Dannii is on mushroom
Dannii is back working with producers and songwriting partners ian masterson and terry ronald on her new cd
Dannii is nominated most popular female tv personality at the australian television industry's 1989 logie awards
Dannii is talentless
Dannii is one of those serial fame
Dannii is the hottest bird on the planet
Dannii is calculating

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