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Googlism comments

Daynah is right
Daynah is 4th for most comments
Daynah is overjoyed* sis
Daynah is really good with illustrator
Daynah is dirty
Daynah is great and i admire her but we still need to check with dodo
Daynah is out of tips right now
Daynah is freakin cool
Daynah is leaving dirty notes in my comments again
Daynah is on the right
Daynah is but right
Daynah is soooo sweet
Daynah is cocky? lele is right
Daynah is supergirl
Daynah is the princess of geekness at php
Daynah is forced to answer all my stupid newbie questions
Daynah is just really sweet and cute
Daynah is so amazing as well
Daynah is a great person
Daynah is a lucky girl to have a guy like al

Nickname Daynah

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